Battery powered zw100 multisensor not sending updates

I have this multi sensor and would like it to report a luminance change when the change exceeds a threshold of 5. I have set parameter 40 set to enable selective reporting. And the luminance threshold set to 5 (parameter 43). In spite of these settings, changes to luminance are only reported when the device wakes up, which is every 10 minutes. Is there something else I need to set to immediate luminance change reports?

What’s the firmware version of the device? You can find that in HABmin on the Attributes panel.

There are 4 different versions of the device in the database here.

The firmware version may not matter. It looks like all versions support config parameters 40-45.

Ok, but FWIW, the firmware version 1.10.

I opened a support ticket with Aeotec to ask about this and here is the reply:

"Threshold report on battery power depends on wakeup interval, the threshold is only checked upon the wakeup of the Multisensor 6. This is normal activity in this case, while you would need to set a lower wakeup interval for faster threshold checks for reporting."

So it seems the selective reporting parameter is meaningless for battery powered devices. Does anyone know of a battery powered multi sensor that would provide instant updates?