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Hi all,
I’ve implemented a binding for a Beckhoff PLC and a special lib for home automation. The solution is running stable for almost two years in my house, and for more than a year in three more buildings (family and friends).

I’ve now built a show case panel with real sensors, actors, a Beckhoff CX9020 and a Raspberry Pi and I will be showing this at the Maker Faire 2019 in Hannover.

Here are some pics of the show case panel:

This is the announcement (in German):

It might be some of you attend the faire and are interested to see, try and talk about this solution. I’ll be happy to see you there and get some Feedback :slight_smile:


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Hello Osman,

have been looking for a Beckhoff/ADS Binding for quite some time.

Up to now, I have seen various attempts here in the forum, but nothing that finally led to an existing binding.

Having said that, yours is very welcome.

I would like to use it, did you make it available?

Thank you in advance

Hi Stefan,

sorry for the late reply, I was on a business trip.

Well, the Binding comes together with a Smart Home PLC Library. It cannot be used on any PLC program.

This combination is necessary as my Beckhoff Binding supports things, channels, autodisovery and many more openHAB features - and all of them are implemented to be compatible with the PLC world.

The software package (LIB + Binding) will be availible for a small fee… If you’re interested please drop me a private message.

Best regards,

Hello Osman,
I am also very interested in your solution. What has to be done on the Beckhoff PLC side and how could I get access to the binding?
Best regards, Axel

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I’m searching for something like this solution.
How can I use it, too?

Best regards


Hi Thomas,

thank you for your interest.

Well, the binding is optimized to run with a special Beckhoff PLC LIB (shiped together with the binding), so you probably have to reimplement the PLC program for your home.
You do not need to start on a green field: the PLC-Library ships with an easy to use reference project. If you have to control lights, dimmers, blinds, room temperature and things like that then you’ll need about a week end to finish the project.
Alternatively, you can also leave your program and logic as-is and glue that to my LIB. I think, at the end the programing effort remains the same.

The advantage of using my lib is, you get a lot of ready to use home automation logic. For example if you want to have a room temperature controller you just need to call a function module instance like this:

VAR fbTempWO: FB_OHThing_TempControl;
	sOHThingLabel:='Temperatur Wohnzimmer', 
	aProg:=fbSetTimesFBH.aProgTimes, // optional array of heating times for day/night
	bExtEco:=bOpenWindowWO // optional link to a window reed contact

And you get this(!) all automagically on openHAB side:

These 5-6 lines are a ready to use room controller - the whole logic is included within the special Beckhoff PLC LIB. You see the actual room temperature, the history and a graph, two setpoints (day and night temperature), automatic mode switch based on a time array, an optional connection to the window reed contact (hence it shows EXT_ECO in my screenshot), etc.
On openHAB side everything works per plug&play. The Binding is able to automatically analyze the PLC program, and all the necessary configuration files for openHAB are created automatically (a sitemap, a persistence file, etc.).

If you do not need the built-in logic but want to use your own, then you can use simple switches, sliders, etc. and bind them to your variables.

The software should work on all TwinCAT 3 PLCs, I’m running the software in all projects on a CX9020.

I could send you the latest release of the LIB, the reference project, the openHAB binding and a time limited test licence so you can try everything on a test-PLC and a Raspberry. If you’re a pro in PLC programming and if you want I can also help you to get the project run in your productive PLC… just for fun. I’ve done this several time remote (by phone, email, team viewer…).

Are you leaving in Germany? If yes, we can talk in German :slight_smile:
If you want, I can show you a live demonstration via Netmeeting (Teamviewer). Or if you’re leaving not far from Kassel then we can even meet somewhere - after the Corona Crisis.

The official home page of my start up is
You could also drop me a mail osman[at]

Best regards from Kassel,