Beginner having trouble with z-wave device

Hello, I got into OpenHAB back in 2018 and 2019 but an update broke my configuration and I never got around to fixing it. I have a fresh install of OpenHabian on a Raspberry Pi 4 along with a USB z-wave controller. I’m having trouble adding my new Enbrighten z-wave smart switch.

Just before I installed openhabian I had Home Assistant up and running with this controller and switch so I know they work.

The problem is when I go to add a new z-wave device is all I get is a list of “nodes” and they all have the device number of my z-wave controller. Nothing shows up that is seemingly related to my smart switch. What am I missing?

I go to Things > blue + > Z-wave binding > Scan
and is all I get is the list of nodes I mentioned.

I’m pretty sure the controller stick stores information about the nodes. Check the factory manual for the node device, figure out how to reset it. Set logging to debug heres how set the controller for inclusion and try to include the switch
If it doesn’t pop up in the inbox, post the logs here

It was indeed that the controller needed reset. I hard reset it in OpenHAB and then all the nodes went away. After resetting the switch as well it came up. Thanks for your input.

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It’s worth noting that a hard reset is not typically required. I’m not sure why it was required in this instance.