Beginner help for creating a sitemap

Hello, I have just started using openhab 2 I have just got some z wave devices connected. So I want to control them. What is the easiest way to do this? I have little programming experience. Can habmin help me with this task? Also should I use habmin as the android app rather than through a web interface.

I recommend reading the docs and experimenting with the demo config. OH is a very capable but very complex service and it really isn’t possible to provide a simple answer to this question.

But at a high level:

  • the zwave binding discovered your devices and generated Things to represent those devices
  • you need to accept the Things in the Inbox
  • you need to create Items and map each Item to a Channel on the Things
  • you then can either create a sitemap (which you have to write by hand in text files), create a HABPanel which you can do in the browser, or use Habmin. However, keep in mind that PaperUI and Habmin are intended to be administration UIs, not end user UIs.
  • if you want to use one of the apps, you need to create a sitemap file.

Both Habmin and PaperUI can help you create Items and map them to Thing’s Channels. But they will not help you create a sitemap.

Thank you for your reply @rlkoshak, that’s helped me understand the purpose of Habmin and paper ui. I think I just need to read the documentation, and then try something simple to start with.