Beginner networking questions

Hi All - I am new to openHAB (and it’s also a while since I last dealt with Linux), coming from a short but frustrating phase with Homee. I just installed openHAB 3.0 (openHABian) on a Raspb 3B, all went fine. Cool stuff. Now I need to dig into it, great that Christmas season is just starting :-).

However, I have one interesting phenomenon that I can’t find a solution for. When I initially had installed openHAB, my system was connected via LAN. Subsequently, I installed some updates, added WiFi and changed the openHabian password. And now I can only access the system on the WiFi IP, both http and https. When I try connecting on the LAN IP, I get mixed error messages - sometimes a timeout, sometime a “connection rejected”.

do you need WIFI ? maybe turn it OFF ?

i have a lot of HUE Things as you can see on the left side. (4 Temp. Sensors)
When i create a new Page -> Widget configure
i just see 5 HUE Things ? ( right side )

On the left side, you have your THINGS, on the right side you can select ITEMS

I bet you have only linked ITEMS in the 5 THINGS you can select there.

Have a look here:

With this guide you can learn how to create Items from your Things and how to let OpenHAB take out even more of them.

not sure I get your point? Are you saying I can only have either Wifi or LAN?

why you use Ethernet and Wifi ? Where is the point ?
if you use Ethernet, just disable your Wifi. it’s that easy

that does not really answer my question. Yes, it doesn’t make much sense to have LAN and WiFi in parallel - however, my question was not whether it makes sense or not, but rather whether my observation that both in parallel is not possible is accurate?