Beginner question

Actually I was looking to create rules using python.
From this idea I found habapp.
So I installed it from openhab config tool.

Then I read the docs.
But what I can not find is a general description.
As I understand it correctly habapp runs as a service?
Rule were saved as py files in a. Special directory and the habapp service tries to execute them?

Is there anywhere an explanation to that?

Did you read this

I read it, maybe to quick, and found nothing that answers my basic questions.
But I will read it again mit more attention.
if I still have questions I come back. Thanks

Yes, it does

I am not shure about the storage of rules, but the service is executing the code and sends information/command/updates to openHAB via REST API.

Ok, I’am successful with the installation, and also understanding it.
Reading the doc with more patience is the solution.

There is a special rules directory which in case of the openhabian installation is next to the items/things folder /habapp/rules. You just drop the rules there and they will get loaded on the fly or on change.