Beginner's Despair - New to OH1 and openhab-addon-binding-rpircswitch

Hi folks,

i’m completly new to the topic and thought i start with an easy topic…

I’ve been using wiring pi respectively raspberry-remote via ssh for a while and thought a nice OH1/2 setup would complement my needs.

I’m able to to switch my crappy lowcost 433 MHz outlets by using ./raspberry-remote/send 11011 3 1 and it works pretty good!

I configured my RaspberryPi3 setup as proposed by this guy:
(i decided to got for OH1 because i was unable to find an example with OH2 and rpirc)

i added the line “rpircswitch:gpioPin=0” to my /etc/openhab/configurations/opnehab.cfg but upon triggeriung a Switch (configured in …/items/home.items : Switch Outlet1 {rpircswitch=“11011:1”}) the logfile outputs:

[ERROR] [.r.internal.RPiRcSwitchBinding] - Transmitter has not been initialized. Please configure it correctly in your OpenHAB configuration.

maybe it’s a stupid mistake but after hours i can’t figure out what to do…

Thanks for your help!

It seems that others are having the same problem with the rpircswitch Binding…

I don’t use it, so I can’t really help.

My recommendation is to switch to openHAB 2 and use the exec binding since you already have a working solution with a simple script.

Thank you,

at this point OH2 looks pretty overwhelming but i will keep it in mind if keep failing with OH1 (and it looks a bit terminal right now).

by the way: try “sudo adduser openhab gpio” (and then restart OH1) just in case there are permission issues… you never know :slight_smile:

tried that already, but thanks again :wink: