Beginner's question #2: how does Alexa communication work?

Another beginner’s question, and this is more just out of interest: I just got Alexa to work with openHAB and I am wondering how that integration actually works. Does every command go via the openHAB Cloud Connector, or is the cloud just for authentication and then the Alexa devices talk to openHAB somehow locally in our LAN?

I believe the communication goes through the OH cloud services since that’s what Alexa has set up the trust relationship with, not your instance of OH.

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Yes, the skill runs in Alexa Cloud which as far as I can see accesses OH instance via the (selfhosted ) openhab-cloud / reverse nginx:

3.253.65.XXXX - - [30/Dec/2022:17:01:28 +0100] "POST /rest/items/Rule_TV HTTP/1.1" 200 0 "-" "-"
3.253.65.XXXX - - [30/Dec/2022:17:01:28 +0100] "GET /rest/items/Rule_TV HTTP/1.1" 200 210 "-" "-"

nslookup 3.253.65.XXXX name =


Good to know, thanks! :grinning: