Belt-Winders for openHAB

Hello there,
I am looking for advice on what surface-mounted belt-winders to get. I live in a rented apartment with on-surface manual belt-winders and I want to be replace them with automatic and wirelessly controlled versions.
However, I am finding it difficult to find a product that I can just install and control with openHAB.
Are there any products that are known to work with openHAB? If not super easily then even with a bit of tinkering?
I have found Rademacher and Schellenberg products, but neither of them seem to be supported by openHAB, only by also installing FHEM, which is not so great, I think.
I already have bridges for EnOcean and Z-Wave, but for those wireless protocols I did not find anything.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Don’t look for a product to include the radio-controlled actuator part. Get one to include the motor only (with two input lines for up/down to connect a manual switch), then get a ZWave actuator such as Fibaro FGRM-222 and connect them to those wires where you would otherwise connect the switch to.

Hi Markus,
thanks a lot for your input.
I guess this would be a great solution if I had a system where I already control the belt-winders via wall-mounted switches. I could then install the fibaro behind the switches and that would work great. But right now I have non-electric belt-winders. So there is nowhere to put the fibaro. In theory I could create some sort of external device that is switched wirelessly that can then control the electric belt-winder, but that would be super ugly. Having a belt-winder with built-in wireless seems like the only way that would not look terrible. But I may be wrong, what do you think?

Since you need a power line to your winder anyway, I’m sure you’ll find a place alongside that line to place the Fibaro into (such as the closest distribution box). It possibly even fits into or onto the back of the belt box (you’ll need a new one to include the motor anyway, so why not get a slightly bigger one).