Bentel security absoluta

Hi, is possible to support Bentel security absoluta???
Bentel is a european division of Dsc (Already supported).

If you write it they will come. :wink:

Does this thread help?

Bentel absoluta uses comet and only with single connection so if for example u use app u can’t use binding. For example to know the current status through api absolutau should poll the service and if u poll the service and u use the app one of them can’t be used.
The best solution is to put inside the bentel absoluta a switch that tell u the status (I used a fibaro binary zwave sensor) and u can use relay to switch one the zones OR as I did to switch on the zones I did a java batch (calling the api bentel) that I call with a command on openhab. I did a binding too, but it’s not the best way because as I said a binding should “refresh” with some kind of polling the status of the bentel and this cause that the android/ios app not working

Hello giorginus, is possible to have more info?
please reply on PM. I am italian.

Ciao Giorgio,
where did you find the API for bentel?
please reply on PM. I’m Italian too

@giorginus80, also interested in Bentel APIs, I’ve never been able to find them!
Grazie in anticipo, Ste

Buongiorno Giorgio, su quale piedinatura hai inserito lo SmartImplant? Grazie.

hi Giorgio, on which contacts did you connect the SmartImplant? Thanks.

Sorry, this is an English language forum.

I used the output pin and configured with bentel absoluta programming interface throug ethernet