Berlin meetup

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I would be interested if the location is wheelchair accessible.

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If it’s possible lets have a meetup before the maker faire :slight_smile:

Interested too, depends on date

Next try for a meetup in berlin :slight_smile:
What do you think about 08.09.19 (yes - in good old tradition it’s a sunday) starting at 12:00 ?
We can meet in my office in Wedding, Osloer Str. 17, 13359 Berlin (
And yes: it’s wheelchair accessible.

There is place for up to 12 people. If it’s good (means warm) weather, we can use the courtyard. There is place for more people.

IMHO we need a deadline. Give your thumb up till wednesday 28.08. If we are more than 5 people, the meetup will take place.


Fine with me -> :+1:

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:+1: i will join as well

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I will be on holiday for the first half of September so I won’t be joining.

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have fun and good recovery :slight_smile:

8 days to go. So far we are three people interested in a Berlin openHAB meetup :slight_smile:

Just to have some topics on the list, i could offer to show my dynamic label thing with alexa

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I’m in!


This counts for two :slight_smile:

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:tada: :loudspeaker: :slight_smile: :telescope::fireworks: :alarm_clock: :clinking_glasses: :+1:

We have an appointment. The openHAB Meetup Berlin will take place on

08.09.2019 12:00 - (18:00 <- suggestion)

Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung von Dingen
Osloer Str. 17, 13359 Berlin ( )

In case of emergency call +4930280400


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Is there a place for a newbie at the Meetup?
I am using smart home components since multiple years, but just switched to openhab a few weeks ago.

I would say yes: last time was also my first openHAB meeting and I received quite a warm welcome regardless off existing or non existing knowledge (I was not the only newby).
As long as you are interested and are looking forward to people nerding about a topic they are really into, you will enjoy the meeting.


No matter the knowledge level every one is welcome :slight_smile:
Also we need new people to speak to :smiley: we “freaks” are stuck in our castle and can’t see what new users see.
So it’s very good for us to get some new view points.

Since we all want to improve openHAB we need fresh blood `^_^´

Oh and btw. I will be there to :grin:

I just noticed @blilleike you asked in general, where do you live? Is there a meetup already in your location? If not? make one! :metal:

EDIT again:
Since its your first post here @blilleike I need to say

Welcome to the openHAB Community :heart:


Thank you for the warm welcome.
I am from Hannover and I haven’t looked for another meetup. Berlin is near enough for me and I am currently evaluating if I am willing to invest more time into openHAB. And typically I am not the guy to start organising events anyway :wink:
But I will show up on Sunday. Looking forward to it.


until we find a better place … here is the openHAB sign for a print out openHAB-meetup_Logo.pdf (528.0 KB)

And thank you for a wunderful sunday afternoon :slight_smile:

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Big Thanks to

for attending. It was a very productive round, we discovered issues and workflow flaws which can be improved. Also a work group got formed with the goal to get rid of all openHAB doc issues (@blilleike and @BrutalBirdie).
Imo we should also create a blog post about the meetup.