Berlin meetup

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(Simon Tennant) #1

Who would be interested in a Berlin meetup? IMHO it would be great to arrange a get together, perhaps with someone presenting what they are working on in OpenHab and some hack-time.

I’d be happy to arrange a space at SoundCloud’s offices (Mitte), and a Meetup page. But would first like to get a read on:

  • how many people would be interested (add your name below)
  • a preference for weektime evening or a dedicated weekend day?

cc: @holger_hees

(Thomas Bail) #2

Yes, i am interested even if i am from Hamburg, but on weekends i will come over to Berlin


(Kai Kreuzer) #3

Sounds great, thanks for your initiative!

Please tell me, if you need any kind of support - the foundation will happily help, where possible - like adding it on our new events page, tweeting about it, sending you openHAB stickers for the attendees etc.!

I personally won’t be able to join in Berlin, though :frowning: .

(Holger Hees) #4

I’m interested too.

(Simon Tennant) #5

I’m inclined to plan this for a Saturday kicking off around 11am, wrapping up sometime in the afternoon.

But if you think something makes more sense midweek, here’s a poll. Once we can fix a date I’ll make arrangements and setup a meetup page/eventbrite etc.

Please fill out this: Doodle Poll

(Simon Tennant) #6

Based on the feedback, it looks like Sunday 17 June will be best. I’ve also reserved the “Classroom” area at SoundCloud and arranged for lunch to be delivered.

I suggest we kick off around 11am with an open ending (probably 3pm-ish unless anyone wants to hack longer).

Topic wise, I was hoping that @holger_hees could do a show-n-tell of his tablet solution and his air quality monitor. Would anyone like to present something they are working on?

Is there an existing Meetup/eventbrite group for OpenHab, otherwise I’ll get one setup?

(Kai Kreuzer) #7

No, we don’t. Meetup is tight to a location, so those could not be reused. Probably best to create an event on Eventbrite for it. And you can create a PR against to have it added on our website (ends up on


(Kai Kreuzer) #8

One wish: Please spell it our project correctly as “openHAB” :slight_smile: .

(Holger Hees) #9

feel free to choose any topic of my home automation project where you are interested and I can present it.

Here you can find a short overview about different parts.

I would prefer to present it in german but I can try it in english too.

at the same time I’m also looking forward to meet people in person which I normally only know from blog posts :slight_smile:

(Simon Tennant) #10

And we have sign-up page:

@holger_hees: my personal preferecne would be your air quality > KNX system. But I’m sure other’s also have ideas based on your smarthome website.

(Kai Kreuzer) #11

Did some marketing, let’s hope that we can reach a few people!

(Patrick Fink) #12

Thanks for setting up this meetup @imaginator! I’ll join as well :slight_smile:

(Simon Tennant) #13

Excellent. We’re up to 13 people now. Should be fun.

@pfink: Would you be able to give us a 5 minute intro into the openhab project team?

(Thomas Bail) #14

plus one from Hamburg :slight_smile:

(Patrick Fink) #15

@imaginator: openHAB is a community project, so everybody contributing to it is part of the team :slight_smile: As all members of the community, I have just my perspective which is limited by my personal fields of activity. So there is no special team which is leading this project - there is just Kai and some people who are contributing a little bit more than others, each of them in very different ways.

That said, of course I can make a short introduction of myself and how this project works, including some of the major players (without any guarantee of completeness :wink: ).

(Elias H.) #16

See you guys soon :wink:

(Simon Tennant) #17

We’re all good to go. If you haven’t already signed up, then please do. This will help to manage numbers.

We currently have an agenda that involves

  • Roundtable “What interests me about openHAB/what I’m working on in openHAB”
  • Patrick Fink talking about how the openHAB project is structured.
  • Holger Hees talking about his Air Quality Monitor and how that is connected to KNX.
  • Lunch (Pizzas should arrive at 1pm)
  • General hacking

Ping me with any talk suggestions.

If you want to join remotely, we’ll be running a live feed on

And when you arrive, press the button for “Classroom” per this photo and you will be buzzed in.

Oh and Kai has also sent some openHAB stickers.

(Simon Tennant) #18

Just to be clear, the address for this is

Rheinsberger Str. 76, Berlin.

See you all on Sunday @11.

(Thomas Bail) #19

Hey Simon,

could you give some advice how to reach the location startin from Berlin main station?


(Simon Tennant) #20

M10 tram / Google maps is accurate.