Berlin meetup

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(Jerome) #21

Hey Holger, i wanted to visit your page and instantly got a malware popup.


tell the same.

Seems there’s something wrong.
Just wanted to inform you.

(Holger Hees) #22

thanks for telling me! I’m currently fixing it.

update: My side was affected by a security hole and injected code. It is fixed now and works again.

(Thomas Bail) #23

Anyone there? Tried the classroom buzzer but noone buzzed me in

(Simon Tennant) #24

Agenda and tracking doc:

Link for anyone remote:

(Thomas Bail) #25

Even if you guys are still there and discussing about openHAB, struktures and things, thanks alot for this entertaining late morning/ early afternoon.

special thanks to Simon and SoundCloud for location, catering and organisation of this event.

Some impressions.

Initiation of a real openHAB enthusiast

The audience

See you next time …


(Simon Tennant) #26

Thanks a lot to everyone for coming along.

And thanks to @pfink and @holger_hees for great talks.

Next one will be in two months time.

(Patrick Fink) #27

Thanks @imaginator for making this possible, I really enjoyed it spending time with you guys. Looking forward to the next Berlin meetup!

(Fabian) #28

Hi All
Thank you for the organisation and for the interesting presentations and discussions!
Is there a chance to share the presentations?
This would be great!
Best Regards

(Simon Tennant) #29

We chatted about our next meetup being in about 2 months time. Here’s a poll to help choose the next meetup date.

I’ll leave this poll up for about a week and then make a date call for something that generally fits everyone.

Also, the lovely people at Mayflower have offered to lend us their Kreuzberg office space this time.