Berlin meetup

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(Jerome) #21

Hey Holger, i wanted to visit your page and instantly got a malware popup.


tell the same.

Seems there’s something wrong.
Just wanted to inform you.

(Holger Hees) #22

thanks for telling me! I’m currently fixing it.

update: My side was affected by a security hole and injected code. It is fixed now and works again.

(Thomas Bail) #23

Anyone there? Tried the classroom buzzer but noone buzzed me in

(Simon Tennant) #24

Agenda and tracking doc:

Link for anyone remote:

(Thomas Bail) #25

Even if you guys are still there and discussing about openHAB, struktures and things, thanks alot for this entertaining late morning/ early afternoon.

special thanks to Simon and SoundCloud for location, catering and organisation of this event.

Some impressions.

Initiation of a real openHAB enthusiast

The audience

See you next time …


(Simon Tennant) #26

Thanks a lot to everyone for coming along.

And thanks to @pfink and @holger_hees for great talks.

Next one will be in two months time.

(Patrick Fink) #27

Thanks @imaginator for making this possible, I really enjoyed it spending time with you guys. Looking forward to the next Berlin meetup!

(Fabian) #28

Hi All
Thank you for the organisation and for the interesting presentations and discussions!
Is there a chance to share the presentations?
This would be great!
Best Regards

(Simon Tennant) #29

We chatted about our next meetup being in about 2 months time. Here’s a poll to help choose the next meetup date.

I’ll leave this poll up for about a week and then make a date call for something that generally fits everyone.

Also, the lovely people at Mayflower have offered to lend us their Kreuzberg office space this time.

(Patrick Fink) #30

26th of August looks quite good :slight_smile: But not so much people did vote yet, unfortunately…

(Simon Tennant) #31

You snooze, you loose.

I’m inclined to call it for the 26th then. Mayflower will open their office near Kotti for us then too.

(Simon Tennant) #32

So we have everything booked for potentially meeting on the 26th in Kreuzberg. But before announcing…

…I realise that I’ve dropped the ball on organising this sooner (holidays etc etc), and wanted to check with everyone: What’s the consensus on meeting on the 26th or a few weeks later?

Personally I’d suggest we go ahead with next Sunday, even if it’s a smaller group.

Topic-wise: I’d be happy to do a quick presentation on Prometheus and using it to monitor stats around the house.

Please let me know with a reply:

  • Sunday 26: yes/no (if no, an alternative Sunday that would work for you)
  • Topic suggestions/offers.

(Patrick Fink) #33

For me, 26th is fine :grinning:

(Thomas Bail) #34

Hu 26th is in my calendar, but i need a rest 2nd of September would be beeter for me

(Simon Tennant) #35

Signup here:

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

(Thomas Bail) #36

Hey Guys,

have fun today. Unfortunately i am not able to attend today. Hopefully next time.