Best 868Mhz Gateway for Raspi: CUL CC1101-USB, RPI-RF-MOD, CCU3 or other?


i try to find out, what gateway can cover more protocols of 868Mhz for Raspi and OH?

  1. First of all it must be good compatible with OH. I mean without big problems, another gateways and so on
  2. It must cover more protocols, at least Homematic, Homematiс IP, MAX! Heizung and it will be good that others like Homematic based protocols for example Kopp, Bosch and others.

I have found:

As i understood it works not direct, but throught Homegear with OH, works only with Homematic/IP and MAX. Maybe it supports other protocols?

If i am right, it supports only Homematic and IP. MAX is not supported or i am wrong?

Is support everything and other gateway, but price is the biggest and for every protocol you need to buy extra plugin/licence.

maybe you would advice another one?


AFAIK, CUL and RPI-RF-MOD don‘t support Homematic and MAX! at the same time, so to use both, you would need two CUL for example.
Don‘t know about the CCU3.

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But throught Homegear also two?

Yes, cause even it is the same frequency, they use different protocols. One CUL can handle only one protocol at a time.

I would give homegear a try. It supports in minumum MAX and Homegear.

I have found out that [CUL CC1101-USB] do not support Homematic IP.

Any other advices about universal Gateway?