Best Alexa Integrated Speaker

If you read some of my other threads may know where this is going. I wanted to try and get the best Alexa type functionality without having a separate speaker and like separate Dot or whatever. Wanted one speaker that had Alexa built in and any sound that came out of it was thru the main speakers. No trying to redirect sound from the dot to a speaker when it played music or anything.

So I chose the Sonos ONE. Sound was good enough, but it’s Alexa integration is poor. Besides the need to remove and add the skill back in for Alexa because it would stop responding, it’s API support was poor and a lot of solutions didn’t work with it because of that or worked but would cause issues like music repeating rather than going to the next track.

So I started looking at what I guess is the new Alexa ECHO 2nd generation. Seems like it doesn’t get stellar reviews. But maybe that’s just what I’ve seen so far. It does mention something about offline Alexa capabilities which seems cool. If someone had to get an Alexa that was built into a speaker with great sound, what would they buy? Or from what I’m finding, does it actually exist yet?



Hi John,
I’m asking me exactly the same question. I’m starting with zeros hardware and thinking about buying many Sonos One Speakers oder Echo Dot v3. I don’t want to connect other external speakers expect my AVR-Receiver in the living room with the 5.1 system.
I see you used Sonos One and Echo Dot Plus speakers now with OpenHab 2, TTS, Spotify, Grouping and so on. What would you recommend to buy after all your experiences?