Best door lock

Fair enough. That wasn’t clear in your first post, because you went directly from:


So, I assumed that you were talking about setting up and managing one system for everyone in the building, including their individual doors. My mistake.

No worries, I was not that clear either, my little one is stealing some sleep these days :grin::roll_eyes::sleeping:

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I’m using the Yale Assure SL with a Zigbee module.
It has Zigbee, Zwave, Homekit and Wifi/Bluetooth modules available. It has a keypad on which a person can enter a 4 to 8 digit code to actuate the lock. The lock is configured through the keypad, NOT the smart module.

Be aware it has NO KEY! If the batteries go dead, you will need a 9 volt battery to use to power the lock. You press the battery against some contacts under the keypad to allow you to enter your code on the keypad.

It can take a few seconds to respond. For me it varies from instant to 4 annoying seconds. It responds to a keypad code right away.

If the lock jams while locking, OH will report the lock as Open after a few seconds.

Besides Cisa electic wired locks i’ve found an interesting motorised lock Motorlock-C to use on a door, which i don’t want to close every time i pass through. It has wire connections and bt, so i’ve connected it to home automation MegaD by AB-log and to 100Ah battery to be sure i will never run out of charge. 5 different options to lock/unlock: Bt remote, smartphone app, NFC-tag (operated by MegaD), Google Assistant (by Openhab), traditional key. It could be used with batteries and bt-only, in this case it could be installed in less than 30 minutes.

I added to the list, looks promising but integration options are unclear, sent an inquiry.