Best door lock

Anyone have any suggestions for the best automatic door locks for use with Openhab?

Would like to be able to display the status and control them from HABPanel.

Do you have a preference in terms of which protocol? Generally speaking, any lock will work with OH. But some locks are going to be easier to integrate than others.

There are a good number of Z-Wave locks, but most seem to need their batteries replaced often. I’ve been looking at the Yale Conexis and found the reviews to be mixed. So I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s worth it or not.

No preference. I have a house full of Insteon devices and only have set them up and that was pretty easy. So, basically I am a novice at configuration. So anything with examples on line would be good.

If you have a European type door lock, I can recommend Nuki Smart Lock. It is based on Bluetooth connection but there is a wi-fi gateway that allow you to control it from your local network or Internet. I have one for about 1 year without problems. A set of 4 AA Ni-Mh batteries works for about 4 months. Also, the OH Nuki binding works very well.

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I have a Schlage Connect and I change the batteries less than once a year. Even if it was more frequent, it’s easy to pop the cover off and swap out the four AA batteries, so I wouldn’t consider it to be a major downside. At least with my lock, I can tell when the batteries start to wear down (the motor has to work harder), and I’ll still have weeks/months before I need to change them.

@sn49750, Z-Wave locks can be annoying to set up, because you have to do secure inclusion with your Z-Wave controller. However, once that’s done you don’t have to think about it again, and Z-Wave is very reliable. You have to set up some rules to interpret the codes that a Z-Wave lock sends to OH, but there’s lots of help for that here in the community.

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There seem to be a lot more disadvantages to smart locks than benefits. Personally, I don’t want to let people into my house when I’m not there, I don’t want to have to change batteries or face the risk of being locked in/out. OK, I have to carry a key but then again that’s all I have to carry if I want to go out without my phone.

Smart locks are lost on me.

In general, neither do I. But when my downstairs neighbour had a leak into his apartment while I wasn’t home, it was convenient to be able to let him in so that he could check my water heater. And when I go to bed at night, it’s great that my door will lock itself so that I don’t have to go and check it. In the past, I’ve been really bad about leaving doors unlocked overnight.

It’s also great that I can unlock it using my phone and then take the groceries out of my car, rather than trying to juggle bags and keys at the door.

Another benefit: I never wonder if the door is locked while I’m away. I just check OH to see if it’s locked.

See my post above. I change the batteries less than once a year, which is less frequently than I change the batteries in my motion sensors or my wireless keyboard. But yeah, if you’re 100% anti-battery, then this is a negative.

My Schlage Connect has a keypad, so I could leave my house without my keys or my phone if I felt the need to do so. Saying that, I always carry a house key, because I think it’s generally smart to have a backup plan. And if I lose my keys, the smart lock becomes the backup for getting in my house.

That’s better than hiding a spare key in a fake rock (though I also have a spare at my sister’s house in case the lock fails and I lose my keys).

Sure, if you focus only on the things you think are negative. You’re seeing the lock as being about granting access to others and not having to carry a key, and I don’t do either of those things. I see it more for ensuring that the door is locked when I want it locked, and adding some small conveniences to my life.

I should mention that I got my Schlage Connect long before I got into OH. I really just wanted it for the keypad, but OH has taken it to next-level benefits.

About 10 years ago I was technical lead for a large utility developing condition monitoring. I became very aware of “solutions looking for problems”. Lots of people wanted to buy monitoring kit that didn’t provide any business value. I guess it’s left me with a lasting feeling of not buying tech because it’s there but because it can provide a benefit.

I wouldn’t have a smart lock because it wouldn’t do anything for me; obviously if it gives you something you need/want then that’s great but I think before asking what or which, it’s worth making sure you know why.

I totally agree with what you’re saying. I just felt that your previous post had a very narrow point of view toward smart locks, which hasn’t matched my experience.

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Me too, plus the fact the temporary codes are single use so you have to keep spending money.

Until there’s a full 5-point lifts the handle too (which there probably won’t be due to the motor torque on batteries) I’ve forgotten about this. I’ll stick to replacing a £30 sealed unit if I have to smash :joy:

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I am using 2 Nuki’s (with 2 raspberry pi’s controlling them using a python server which I’m controlling from OpenHab) and a Danalock Zwave lock. Very satisfied with both, although the Zwave lock isn’t always responding somehow. If I would buy a new one I would go with the zigbee version of the Danalock since my Zigbee network is a bit more stable lately.