Best item for motiondetector


I am searching for a nice item with icon for my motion detectors.
I tried a switch .
switch shows the ON OFF Icon in green / red… and the switch:

String Motion_UG1_OutValue { http="<[beckhoff:2000:JSONPATH($.MOTION1)]" }
Switch Motion_UG1_Out "Bewegung Keller Windfang" (MOTION)


rule "ug_windfang_rule"
	Item Motion_UG1_OutValue received update
	Motion_UG1_Out.postUpdate(if(Motion_UG1_OutValue.state == "on") ON else OFF)

is it possible to deactive the left shown icon (green / red on off icon).
or any better ideas ?


Just use a Text element instead of a Switch to put it on your sitemap. That will git rid of the toggle icon which you don’t want because you don’t want users turning the Switch OFF manually.

You can set the icon used to anything you want. See

But you cannot have no icon. You could create a blank white icon I suppose.

I beg to differ. I am actually using icon=“none” in some of my sitemaps, and this makes the icon disappear.

I am not sure where I got this idea from… It may be something I invented, or it could be I saw it in some post.

Doing a couple of tests, using various random icon names (that I know are not available to openHAB) gives the same result, i.e. the icon on the web page disappears. Base on these tests, I am pretty confident that icon=“none” carries no special meaning, and that I have simply stumbled upon a (fortunate?) side effect of referencing an icon name that does not exist, :slight_smile:

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Learn something new every day.

In the past when I used an icon that doesn’t exist I used to get the ugly default icon that looks like a page of text.