Best Jetty Log configuration to capture acccess requests

Hi All,

I’m an avid forum follower, but post infrequently.

I’m looking for advice on logging configuration to capture access requests via Jetty - at least that’s what I think I’m after.


  • I had a few switch items turn off unexpectedly in the last 12 hours - two hue, and one ZWave
  • It’s possible I did this myself (ie. bumping an item on my phone), but the timing suggests it’s unlikely
  • I figure there are two ways this could happen - via a rule, or REST API
  • If it’s via REST API, I could confirm that - including the device name or IP address - with appropriate logging of all GET requests
  • (I think I’ve ruled out rules doing it, hence my effort to look at REST API)

In console I found the org.apache.jetty logger; it was set to a log level of WARN. I upped this all the way to DEBUG and of course openhab.log was absolutely flooded with messages. I tried INFO, and get nothing at all. What I suppose I’m seeking is something in between.

I could also be trying to solve this the entirely wrong way, but I figure being able to trawl through access logs is a useful thing regardless.

I feel like I’m close but can’t quite get there - I haven’t found enough detail in the forums, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one trying :slight_smile:

Anyone got some tips?


Did you open any router port to expose your OH instance to the internet ?
If that is the case then someone might be playing with your lights.
Check e.g. using if your IP address can be found and if your openhab service is listed there.
Ask a friend if he/she can access your OH instance using your public internet address without using any password.
This is the first thing I would check before adding additional logs as adding logs will take its time and in between lights might be turned off and on.

Unfortunately there isn’t a log level in between. There’s TRACE level which will log out even more stuff.