Best option for Energy Monitoring(EU/NL)

For a weeks i am starting to implement all smart products with openhab. and i would really like to add a new feature to my openhab instance: Energy monitoring.

I am living in the netherlands(Europe) and i looking for the best option to add energy monitoring to my setup. I have some experience with programming, but i do love out of the box solutions that works easily with a openhab binding.

What do i want?

  • Intergration with Openhab offcourse
  • Easy setup or some setup with Raspbarri pi

Next to the smart energy i have a nighthawk router with usb ports can i do something with that? p1 to usb? or isn’t that going to work at all?

Hope you guys can help me out

Live also in NL and I am using Dsmr reader.
You can connect it via different ways to openhab, but until now did now saw the time/need to do it.
It give decent interface and insight in your power usage.

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You might want to try something like a p1-to-usb cable:

If you hookup your slimme meter to your openhabserver with this cable you can use the dsmr binding to handle the jncomming data.

Good luck and best regards,

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And where do you run IT on ? Do you have a raspberry pi or straight to the server?

@greenJ i have the openhab server on the top floor. and the smart meter is at the front door. So i don’t have them next to each other. Any tips on how to achieve the connection?

I am running on a Raspberry PI 4b 4GB installed Openhabian it is running perfectly continuously for 202 days now.
Have a connection to my Smart Meter (DSMR) with a P1 to USB cable.
Store the data in a MYSQL database and make it visible with Grafanawatts

It’s running on a Raspberry pi 3B, together with openhab. Both are running fine on the raspberry. Also with a P1 usb cable connected, which I bought on ali.

And one of the future idea’s is to use Grafana for more visualization, also because I do have solar panels. I installed a seperate modbus meter in the electricity box, but also didn’t found time to connect that one either. First a RPi4 I guess, since openhab and grafana on the RPI3 gave me issues with RAM.

I gues you could use a RPI and run an application on it that can relay the incomming dsmr data to your server. Asuming you’ve got a way to get a networkconnection in your meterkast, and you can use that connection to hook your RPI up to your network, I can think of a couple of options:

  1. Install openHAB on the meterkast RPI and use the MQTT event bus option to relay the dsmr data to your a MQTT broker that is accesible by your main openHAB server.
  2. Install DSMR Reader on your RPI and use the MQTT function to relay the dsmr data to a MQTT broker that is accesible by your main openHAB server.
  3. Relay the serialdata straight from the p1-to-usb-cable to your main server using somesort of usb or serial over ip solution. You can buy such a soltion in the form of a hardwaredevice or build it yourself using a RPI, Linux and the ser2net or USB/IP package.

I installed the P1-USB Cable on my Pi4, started OH3 en installed the binding De Slimme Meter (DSMR Nederland, e-MUCS Belgie). But i can’t get 3 fase data. only “Elektriciteitsmeter” and the Gas readings.
could someone tell me what i did wrong?

Did you checked the advanced channels? Or else run discovery and check the logs to see if it reports anything it misses.

thanks, i missed the “advanced” channels checkbox :blush:. Problem solved :+1:

I’ve been contributing to the project for a while.

I think they have hardware that’ll meet your needs!

It does not look like they have specific hardware to read p1 ports for dutch meters, which is what this topic about. So I’m not sure how your comment helps here.

The o.e.m. system does non-invasive sub-circuit monitoring.
The original post put forward p1 to USB as an option, not a necessity, I replied to that post and didn’t read the thread, apologies for the confusion.