Best place to place a file for a binding

I’m currently writing binding. And i need, or i want to save some informations during runtime.
These informations should be loaded the next time, the binding comes up. Every time the user inits it, the file sould be extended. I’m not really sure, if this will become an ASCII or a binary file. But this should not be important.

Where is the best place to place such a file. I do not want to use any Persistence Service. Because this should be indepenend.

Are you really sure you want this? Using persistence actually makes it independent by design.

If you like an answer, you best describe more what your binding is actually doing.

Probably in the userdata folder. ZWave and ZigBee bindings persist information to speed up the network initialisation between restarts, and this is where it’s done.

Don’t hardcode it though - use something along the following lines -:

import org.eclipse.smarthome.config.core.ConfigConstants;

folderName = ConfigConstants.getUserDataFolder() + "/" + MyBindingConstants.BINDING_ID;

I’m writing a binding for Bose Systems.
They have 6 PRESETS. Which means they have 6 “channels” that can be predefined. I want to increase the number unlimited, when using openhab. There is a KNX APP Module called BAB App Module, and this features this as well. There i got the idea.