Best Practice for external venetian blinds

Even if I’m using openHAB and Google Assistant with my external venetian blinds connected by knx since the beginning, I’did not found a perfect solution for voice control:
My house has 18 blinds. Single rooms have 1 to 6 blinds in different directions.
I want to be able to use commands like:

  • open all blinds
  • open all blinds in the west
  • open all blinds in the living room
  • open all blinds in the west of the living room

Let’s take the office with 3 blinds - 2 to the west and 1 to the south.

In knx these are 3 devices + 1 group west + 1 group all

I could create 5 rollershutter items in openhab - or I could only create 3 rollershutter items and group them again in openHAB.

If I want to close all 3 together, then it’s preferrable to send one single command to the knx group item because if openhab sends 3 commands to the single devices there is a small latency and they don’t move in a perfect line.

But if I’m using all 5 items in openHAB and Assistant then it’s annoying when asking assistant to “close all blinds” - because it answers “5 blinds were closed” (allthough there are only 3)

So basically my question is:
Is there any way to teach google assistant:
“close all blinds” does not mean to send 25 commands to 25 items but to send a single command to the item “allblinds” - and “close blinds” spoken in a single room closes only either the single room-group-item or the 3 device-items - but not all of them.

This may seem like a minor problem - and generally I’m happy how it works - but for a better acceptance for other family members it would be helpful to bring there more clarity.