Best practices for underfloor heating?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been tasked with updating a family members smart home setup, and have been able to integrate their CCTV and music control so far. However, I have a few questions regarding how to best go about setting it up for heating control with an underfloor system.

The current system they have is a very old and outdated Crestron control centre, and are unwilling to pay the extortionate fees to update it. Each room of the house has an individual zone, with an actuator assigned to it. Every room also has a thermometer installed in the ceiling. All of this is wired through to a utility closet where the Crestron server sits.

What I’m racking my brain about is which system to go with to be able to control it with OpenHAB. Ultimately, all I need is a wiring centre that can control the actuators and receive data from the thermometers, and obviously be operated by OpenHAB. All the systems I’m finding require a thermostat to be added to every room, which is not ideal.

Any help will be extremely appreciated! Thank you!

Where’s the problem?
Assuming you can reuse thermometers and actuators, just “program” the thermostat in OH (DSL rules or Python). Plus you need an interface to the pumps if they don’t run 24x7
While not ideal (because it relies on OH to work) that’s all it needs. Did that myself.

Thanks for the reply Markus.

The problem lies in the hardware I need to control the actuators. I could use a networked relay switch, to turn the actuators on and off, but this still leaves the problem of getting the thermometer data to be fed into OH. I would really appreciate any suggestions for which controller to choose to accomplish this.

I don’t really have a problem in setting it up within the software, just getting the right equipment to actually execute what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks again.

You can use any OH compatible tech that can handle the thermometers.

The rest of your request isn’t really about OH but about building a non-smart heating system.

Can you post photos of the “server” and devices. It is likely you will be able to intergrate your current system into openhab with some cheap additional hardware.

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