Best Raspberry Pi to purchase for OH 3.x


I’ve been using OH for over 3 years now and I’ve come to a cross roads where I need to start migrating to OH 3.x from OH 2.4 based on Amazon Binding not getting upgraded with the recent “LastVoiceCommand” channel. I’m currently running on a Synology NAS and I would like to dedicate a device specifically to OH.

I’m looking to get a Raspberry Pi for this migration. I’m looking for the best setup possible to purchase with some advice from the group. Price isn’t a factor of my decision. This platform migration needs to run for at least 3 years.

My OH 2.4 configuration is quite big so performance is key.

zWave (20+ devices)
Alexa devices (15 devices)
HUE (2 bridges with 40+ devices)
Sonos (15 devices)
WeMo (30+ devices)
Samsung TV (6 devices)
Ademco Alarm integration
Onkyo (2 devices)
IPCamera (9 devices)
Ecobee (2 devices)
MyQ Chamberlin
Roomba (2 devices)
Nest (6 devices)
HP Printer
AQI Air Quality
Unifi (20+ devices)
Weather APIs (3 feeds)
Internet SpeedTest
LogReader Monitor
Chromecast (3)
Bond (5 devices)

3 wall mounted tablets

Items 3,150 lines
Rules 28,858 lines

Any advice on this would be appreciated. Any links to recommended purchases would be helpful.

Best, Jay

Still run mine on the Rasp 3 PI but I see memory constraint. I have a few other 4s sitting around but haven’t migrated over yet. Definitely you should go with more than 1 Gig of ram, at minimum a Rasp 4 with 2Gig of RAM.

Get a RPi 4 with 2 or 4 GB, whatever you get hold of easier given current supply shortage.
Get a second one as a spare right away, and get a card reader + secondary SD card.


Hi Markus,

How’s this one?

Appreciate your feedback.

Best, Jay

As I said: 2 or 4 GB. Not 8, there can be issues.
A 16GB SD card is large enough, anything larger is wasted. Get a “endurance” SD card model.

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