Best Retrofit Solution for table lamp / bed side table lamp?


Trying to retrofit few more items at home in order to connect more devises :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my new project: connect lamps (table lamps, ambient lamps, bed side table lamps… in simple words, a lamp with a plug and typically a switch on the cord…

What is the best retrofit solution? (cost effective and “acceptable” to the eyes -> if ugly, my wife will ban me from keep doing the upgrade :P)

Thanks all

Best solution is maybe to use smart light bulbs.

Another solution is to replace the switch with Sonoff Basiscs. Which are beeing at the edge of beeing ugly.


Sounds interesting :slight_smile: does the Sonoff Basics have also a “manual switch”? i case of wifi failure? :slight_smile:

Does it require to flash the memory in order to use it with OH?

Thank you

You could also consider the Z-Wave SwiidInter Cord Switch. Allows both Z-Wave and manual control of the lamp.

More effort than just adding a smart bulb or smart wall socket, but looks better. Less effort than Sonoff.

Probably cost more than a bulb or wall socket though.

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How does the lamps base look ?
if there is space you could put in a sonoff mini or shelly in the base and have a manual switch in the base ?

The Sonoff have a small button, but this is not comparable to a real switch

sorry the sonoff mini can be used with a external switch as long as the line is constantly powered to the sonoff mini you can use a switch to turn it on as well.if there is wifi or not.
see image.


I found these zigbee ones:

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Thank you all!

I think I will be happy with Sonoff Basic R3… last question is about which version would you recommend?

WiFi or ZigBee ??? pros, cons?

Thank you all!