Best RF controlled TRV (use with rfxtrx)?

I’m looking for a TRV (radiator valve) that I can use with the RFXCom rfxtrx.

I saw the LightwaveRF one, but it has bad reviews. The reviews seem to focus around issues with it forgetting schedule settings, which probably wouldn’t be a problem as I don’t use the LightwaveRF hub (I prefer controlling my LW devices directly with the rfxtrx).

Does anyone have experience with TRVs available in the UK?

I don’t have a Z Wave dongle and prefer 433 RF.

Ideally one that can also report back the current temp setting (i.e. Needs to have a sensor…)


Hazymat did you find a TRV that worked for you via RFXCom?

Hi James

No I didn’t. I might give the LightwaveRF one a look in. Maybe the reason it got such bad reviews was for control reasons, I’d be using it with openHAB so might not be a problem! Let me know if you get something working…

I just got one of the UK Lightwave RF TRV’s though they are now listed at 868mhz so in my opinion useless if you want to use with rfxcom … boo!