Best smart lock for openhab


Could you advise me what smart lock are you using and what is your expierence ? I’m intererested in wifi versions of locks (not z-wave).

Thanks in advance.

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Not a smart lock but maybe worth considering:
ekey fingerprint and electric strike.
Even fingerprint is not required at all. Just replace it with a shelly switch.

WiFi smart locks are not common, let alone OH supported. This is because Smart Locks are generally battery powered and WiFi is notorious for draining batteries. Most Smart Locks that have a “WiFi option” are usually Bluetooth with a WiFi/bluetooth bridge that plug into the wall near the door. I’m not aware of any such lock that is usable with OH. I use a Yale Assure zigbee lock. I’m just barely satisfied with it. I’d replace it if there was a reasonably priced alternative.

My first locks were Schlage Sense HomeKit locks that did not work with OH.

I do not demand from smart lock to have Wifi communication itself. Bridge with wifi communication is OK for me.

I have a Zafe T-lock. Its Wifi and Bluetooth and runs perfectly.

As far as I can find, there seem to be an open API avilable. But I guess someone needs to make it for a binding in openHAB. So its not connected to openHAB.

I my case I use an shelly1 with a 10 sec relais function to open an internal door in the house.
As shelly’s are basic stuff for OH over a binding, it works m.o.l. very well.
I use it from my mobile within a WLAN coverage in the same area (mobile + relais), or
even if I would need it, outside WLAN overage via an VPN tunnel from the mobile to OH.
Everything by a one-touch from the homescreen (widget) of my mobil.

But then your lock is build-in to the door, I guess?

In the door there is a classic key cylinder with a key for fix lock.
Normal the door is not fixed, only closed. So there is in the frame from the doorframe
an 12V Relais build in. So when I would like to open the door, the shelly1 gives
12V to the relais in the door for 10 sec and I open the door and step in.

Something like that: m-e modern-electronics F0513000024-B Elektrischer Türöffner mit Entriegelung kaufen

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Yeps, thats the sort of lock I assumed :slight_smile:
But its not a lock for a “typical” frontdoor etc. There is nothing wrong with that kind of lock though.

The NUKI smart lock ( would be a soultion for a classic frontdoor.
Works with WLAN and has an battery pack.
Works via MQTT without the cassic nuki bridge and here in the forum is an entry for that:

I use these DBR-310 with a ZigBee relay which operates a 12VDC PSU. I use a retractive switch to release the lock from the inside. This is for a Chubb 5 lever deadlock but if you have a Yale type lock there are cheaper alternatives.

I have both the Nuki 3.0 with bridge and the Yale Linus with bridge.

The Yale on the one hand is sturdy, looks good, it’s silent, but it’s currently unreliable.

The Nuki 3 on the other hand is plastic, not so appealing, and noisy, but it’s reliable. Unfortunately, for now, I can only recommend this one.

Can I ask why not Z-Wave? I’ve had a Schlage Connect Z-Wave lock running for five years, and I think I change the batteries maybe once a year. The only pain was the secure inclusion, but I only had to do that once.

Alternatively, there are a number of Zigbee locks available. I got into Zigbee last year and am glad I did. It opens up a ton of low-cost options (particularly with sensors).

I had two Nuki die in the first two years of usage bot I gut replacements under warranty and they are working without issues so far. I’m using them quite frequently (>20 lock/unlocks a day).
I am using them with a bridge because wifi drains too much battery.
Besides the replacement I’m quite happy and I found that the Gen3 is not as loud as the Gen2.

One thing I found annoying that the bridge does not respect the local NTP server. When you have an internet outage the openhab integration will stop working after ~24h because the time of the bridge will run out of sync with the time of the openhab binding.
But that shouldn’t happen often and it’s still possible to lock/unlock with your mobile.

I do not want another hub (z-wave or zigbee) just for lock.

Can you tell how long battery last with bridge and how long without bridge ?

I understand that you have lock with wifi build-in ?

Sorry no. Since I already had the bridge (coming from a Nuki Gen2) I never even enabled wifi.
With the bridge the battery life is good. If I would guess it’s somewhere between 9 - 15 month depending on usage. It’s seldom enough that it’s not annoying. I use some very old eneloops so I guess with new rechargeable batteries battery life will be even better.

If you’re concerned about the price of the bridge, there’s a working alternative using an ESP32 for that:

works much more reliable with me as the Nuki Hub. I still got sometimes lagging of 2 to 4 seconds, but in the end it works better than the expensive bridge. I suspect the still buggy firmware of my Nuki Lock 3 for that.

Fair enough, but just to be clear you don’t need another hub (which would be no worse than a lock that comes with a dedicated WiFi bridge). You just need a Z-Wave/Zigbee USB controller that plugs into your server.

Good luck in your search!

Does anyone have expierence how long batteries last in Nuki 4 PRO with wifi switched on ?