Best smoke detectors - at least connected

The last threads are a few years old! :wink:
I’m searching for smoke detectors as my old GIRA are now nearly 10 years in use. They nearly doubled in price since then…

must have

  • 10 year battery
  • connected: one detector triggered => every detector fires
  • approved for use in EU/Germany

could haves:

  • integratable in openHAB

My findings are either exorbitant expensive or seem to “sloppy”? Perhaps there’s some recommendations here? Thanks!

I am using these: Not sure if they are as expensive as your Gira model.
Easy integration in openhab via CCU2 or CCU3 or virtual CCU

No problems since 2 years

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I found these, too. They are more expensive than the Giras, but they are more easy to integrate.

What I didn’t find out: Do they trigger all sirens even if the homematic ccu is not working (i.e. do they have an independent connection without the central)?

I assume yes, they do. This is on their website:

  • Zuverlässige Vernetzung von bis zu 40 Funk-Rauchwarnmeldern möglich, die Funktion bleibt auch dann erhalten falls die Verbindung zur CCU2/CCU3 oder zur Homematic IP-Cloud temporär unterbrochen sein sollte

From my past times at kugu-home I recall there were smore detectors based on wireless mbus. While there are no official openhab binding for it, these are rather standard and commodity hardware. Not sure how hard it is to get them (story goes back to 2019).
One trouble with these is - a lot of data comes as manufacturer specific and have to be parsed individually.

YES, they do if you have “team” them. I’ll run 4 of them and can prove them reliable also.

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HomematicIP smoke detectors (HmIP-SWSD) do not require a group. If they are added via the same access point each smoke detector forwards the alarm to the other smoke detectors in his reception area.

as this thread is about recommendations I just wanted to point out that homematic (non-IP) devices are EOL.

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