Best upgrade path

Hi all,
I currently have a rpi3 running OH 3.4 openhabian with several binding running on it.
I got an rPI5 for Christmas and need to move to OH4.1

What would be the best strategy for the upgrade of HW and SW?

My plan was:

  1. backup current OH3.4 SD card (image) in case of a disaster recovery
  2. backup current OH3 configuration (What can I use?, I only use textual configuration)
  3. install new OH4 in New rpi5 openhabian

I only use textual configuration.
So now here I have different options:
a) upgrade old OH3 to OH4, make a backup and and restore this backup into rpi5. Is there a migration tool?
b) install everything from scratch in rpi5 OH4 copying configuration files and the persistence files to the new HW.


I moved my config from a radxa SBC to a Raspberry Pi 5 recently. In my case, I was already running OH 4.04. I used openhab-cli to create a backup on the Radxa, and openhab-cli restore to restore it onto the Rasperry Pi 5.

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There is nothing to stress about going from 3 to 4 especially when your setting up a new device and leaving the old untouched. It’s the perfect oppertunity to test your backups are working.