Best US smart thermostat for central heating/ac that doesn't call home?

Hello. I have a home with central heat/ac. I’m looking add an OpenHab compatible smart thermostat system. I would like to be able to support remote temp sensors, multiple zones, and have a device which is functional without calling home. Can anyone provide suggestions? Thanks.

No such device exists out of the box. What you can do is install a Zwave or Zigbee thermostat, or a WiFi thermostat that supports local control (there is one commercially focused thermostat that meets this last criteria). Then you’ll have to deploy the extra sensors, integrate them and determine what to do about their readings in openHAB itself. Though if you don’t have automated vent covers, I’m not sure what having multiple zones will do for you with central heat/air.

All the thermostat options that support this out of the box can only be integrated with the provider’s cloud servers (Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell) or cannot be integrated with OH at all.

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I made one by myself, using sonoff basic and added ds18b20 thermometer. Coded from scratch using fuzzy logic. All settings are provided via mqtt. So basically is able to very accurately maintain temperature it gets Via mqtt message. Scheduling and management is on Openhab. I’ll provide code, if there is interest… . Please contact me on PM.


Thanks for the info. I was afraid there wasn’t anything out of the box. I could certainly roll one myself, but wanted something that had a nice simple interface for the wife/kids.

Check out RadioThermostat models CT-30, CT-50 or CT-80. There is a binding available for them in OH for 2.5 and 3.0. The next milestone release of OH 3.1 adds support for the remote temperature channel that can be receive a temperature reading from any third party temp sensor in openHAB via rules. The thermostats are a little dated but work well once setup and left alone. They work with the manufacturer’s cloud & mobile app but those are completely optional. They communicate with openHAB on the local network via a documented REST API.

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