Best USB dongle for both Zigbee and Z-Wave with switchable frequencies for Z-Wave?

I’m trying to buy a European frequency supported dongle for Z-Wave and Zigbee.

But I noticed that some Z-Wave only dongles offered a feature to switch between close frequencies like India, Russia and Europe.

Is there a dongle that supports these three countries for Z-Wave and has Zigbee and Z-Wave in one dongle?

Does it even make sense to have only one dongle.

Is it okay to have two dongles, one for Zigbee and one For Z-Wave?

I’m planning on using a RPi for this BTW.

I’m not aware of anything in Europe - in the USA there is one, although I understand it’s no longer produced either.

Sure - why not. Even the dongle that supports both ZigBee and ZWave provides 2 serial ports, so functionally, it is the same as 2 separate dongles - just in a single package.

The only reason to have 1 dongle would be space, and availability of USB ports. I think in most other respects, it’s probably better to have separate dongles.

Unfortunately I did buy one of these. It’s the GoControl HUSBZB-1. I’m kind of regretting getting it though.

  1. It doesn’t have an internal battery and push button so you can’t take the controller to the device for inclusion. You have to do it from Habmin or PaperUI. That isn’t so bad as my understanding that this is required to do secure inclusions anyway.

  2. I never did get the Zigbee coordinator to work. Admittedly I’ve not been able to do much research as to why, but it always shows up as
    image and there is nothing obvious to my unpracticed eye in the log:

31-May-2018 07:55:57.691 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee                        ] - BundleEvent [unknown:512] - org.openhab.binding.zigbee
31-May-2018 07:55:57.699 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee                        ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.binding.ThingHandlerFactory}={, service.bundleid=239, service.scope=bundle,,} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee
31-May-2018 07:55:57.701 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee                        ] - BundleEvent STARTING - org.openhab.binding.zigbee
31-May-2018 07:55:57.701 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee                        ] - BundleEvent STARTED - org.openhab.binding.zigbee
31-May-2018 07:55:57.707 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.cc2531                 ] - BundleEvent [unknown:512] - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.cc2531
31-May-2018 07:55:57.708 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.cc2531                 ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.binding.ThingHandlerFactory}={, service.bundleid=240, service.scope=bundle,,} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.cc2531
31-May-2018 07:55:57.710 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.cc2531                 ] - BundleEvent STARTING - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.cc2531
31-May-2018 07:55:57.713 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.cc2531                 ] - BundleEvent STARTED - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.cc2531
31-May-2018 07:55:57.716 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember                  ] - BundleEvent [unknown:512] - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember
31-May-2018 07:55:57.723 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember                  ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.config.discovery.usbserial.UsbSerialDiscoveryParticipant}={, service.bundleid=241, service.scope=bundle,,} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember
31-May-2018 07:55:57.724 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember                  ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.binding.ThingHandlerFactory}={, service.bundleid=241, service.scope=bundle,,} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember
31-May-2018 07:55:57.727 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember                  ] - BundleEvent STARTING - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember
31-May-2018 07:55:57.728 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember                  ] - BundleEvent STARTED - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember
31-May-2018 07:55:57.731 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis              ] - BundleEvent [unknown:512] - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis
31-May-2018 07:55:57.733 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis              ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.binding.ThingHandlerFactory}={, service.bundleid=242, service.scope=bundle,,} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis
31-May-2018 07:55:57.737 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis              ] - BundleEvent STARTING - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis
31-May-2018 07:55:57.738 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis              ] - BundleEvent STARTED - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis
31-May-2018 07:55:57.739 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis              ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.config.discovery.usbserial.UsbSerialDiscoveryParticipant}={, service.bundleid=242, service.scope=bundle,,} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.telegesis
31-May-2018 07:55:57.740 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.xbee                   ] - BundleEvent [unknown:512] - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.xbee
31-May-2018 07:55:57.741 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.xbee                   ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.binding.ThingHandlerFactory}={, service.bundleid=243, service.scope=bundle,,} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.xbee
31-May-2018 07:55:57.743 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.xbee                   ] - BundleEvent STARTING - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.xbee
31-May-2018 07:55:57.743 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.xbee                   ] - BundleEvent STARTED - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.xbee
31-May-2018 07:56:16.029 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.discovery.ZigBeeDiscoveryService] - Creating ZigBee discovery service for zigbee:coordinator_ember:a38f078d
31-May-2018 07:56:16.030 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.discovery.ZigBeeDiscoveryService] - Activating ZigBee discovery service for zigbee:coordinator_ember:a38f078d
31-May-2018 07:56:16.032 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember                  ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.config.discovery.DiscoveryService}={, service.bundleid=241, service.scope=singleton} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember
31-May-2018 07:56:16.033 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember                  ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.binding.firmware.FirmwareUpdateHandler}={, service.bundleid=241, service.scope=singleton} - org.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember
31-May-2018 07:56:16.036 [DEBUG] [.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember.handler.EmberHandler] - Initializing ZigBee Ember serial bridge handler.
31-May-2018 07:56:16.036 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Initializing ZigBee network [zigbee:coordinator_ember:a38f078d].
31-May-2018 07:56:16.036 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Channel -1
31-May-2018 07:56:16.037 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - PANID 35366
31-May-2018 07:56:16.037 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - EPANID 2BAFA96EAA358C15
31-May-2018 07:56:16.039 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Key 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
31-May-2018 07:56:16.039 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Key String 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
31-May-2018 07:56:16.040 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Key initialised 7774856D73202F0FBD3C320032CFDD3A
31-May-2018 07:56:16.040 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Key final array 7774856D73202F0FBD3C320032CFDD3A
31-May-2018 07:56:16.049 [DEBUG] [.openhab.binding.zigbee.ember.handler.EmberHandler] - ZigBee Ember Coordinator opening Port:'/dev/ttyUSB1' PAN:8a26, EPAN:2BAFA96EAA358C15, Channel:-1
31-May-2018 07:56:16.052 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Scheduling ZigBee start
31-May-2018 07:56:17.053 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - ZigBee network starting
31-May-2018 07:56:17.053 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Initialising ZigBee coordinator
31-May-2018 07:56:17.062 [DEBUG] [ab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeCoordinatorHandler] - Key initialise 7774856D73202F0FBD3C320032CFDD3A
31-May-2018 07:56:17.064 [DEBUG] [rg.openhab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeSerialPort] - Connecting to serial port [/dev/ttyUSB1] at 115200 baud, flow control FLOWCONTROL_OUT_RTSCTS.
31-May-2018 07:56:17.140 [DEBUG] [rg.openhab.binding.zigbee.handler.ZigBeeSerialPort] - Serial port [/dev/ttyUSB1] is initialized.

I don’t have any Zigbee devices right now so it is no big deal but my hope was to at least have the option of Zigbee as I expand in the future.

  1. Again, I’ve not had a chance to research it, but my GE 45603 Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module do not seem to work any more since moving over to the HUSBZB-1. I have some spare Sonoffs that can take their place for now so that isn’t a big deal. And I’ve not done anything yet to research why it isn’t working. I haven’t even looked at logs yet. My mistake, I forgot to update the Item to point to the Channel at the new node number. :flushed:

I’ve not tried to do a backup or restore on this controller yet but my understanding is it should be possible.

tl;dr the zwave works as expected, the zigbee not so much.

The baud needs to be 57600 and set flow control to Software. If you really need to take the controller to the device, just put it into a laptop with a minimal OH install.:wink:

Thanks! That seemed to do the trick. What should I have read (and apparently failed to do so) that would have told me to make those changes? Was it in the manual? I don’t see anything in the Zigbee docs that tells me.

I love seeing that green “online” symbol now.

Or set up socat/ser2net and plug the dongle into a RPi 0W with a battery backup. I’ve been thinking about doing this anyway since I run OH in a VM with Docker and it would make it easier for me to experiment with Kubernetes and the like a littl ways on down the road.

The only part I’m not looking forward to is my understanding is the device needs to be close to the controller in order to do a secure include and I’m not sure my deadbolts are close enough. I don’t really want to control the locks but it would be awesome to get a battery level reading.

There are other forum posts, but I don’t see anything officially documented. The zigbee docs speak of the different coordinators, but not of specific hardware. @chris, is there a spot for this kind of info?

In testing the dev binding, I was able to do secure inclusions of a BE469 from about 10ft.

:frowning: I need closer to 15-20 ft if I were to not have to move the controller. I’ll try it anyway at some point. If I need to I’ll move up my move of the controller to an RPi. I want to be able to put the controller into a more central location anyway.

Thanks for the help! I might just pick up a Tadfri bulb the next time I’m at Ikea just to play with.

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It should go in the docs I guess - I’ll try and remember to add this soon.


FTR -: