Best way to add Zwave to openHAB (Linux)

Hi, I have no experience using openHAB - total beginner! I am software/electronics Geek though :slight_smile: I just bought an Intel NUC barebones CPU(N3700 CPU), and want to install Ubuntu + openHAB 2 on it.

My question is, what is the best(easiest, best supported) way to add Z wave integration to my system? I was thinking of getting VeraPlus, but after many very negative posts on this forum, think might be better just getting a Z wave controller like the “Aeon USB Z-Stick Gen5”? I would want to do all my controlling via openHAB, so don’t think I will use any of the advanced features of the vera, would only use it as an interface between my openHAB and Z wave devices.

I am also not 100% committed to Ubuntu, and could put Windows on the server if that would be easier and more reliable?

Would greatly appreciate opinions of users with reliably working Z Wave networks controlled by openHAB.

I use the Aeon USB stick with a raspberry pi 2, and it works a treat, so I think you’d be fine

Use Habmin (which comes with openHab2) to do the management of your zwave configuration etc

Same here. Flawless.

In my opinion, totally go with Ubuntu or at least some Debian based distro. Install OH using apt-get. And get a USB controller.

Start small (one or two switches or outlets and grow from there. This stuff is complicated and hard and will become overwhelming if you bite off too much to chew at one time.

Thanks for all the info! I have ordered an Intel NUC with N3700. Will install Ubuntu on there and see how it goes. The Z wave stuff for Australia is very expensive unfortunately! They use a slightly different frequency for Oz, and the prices are multiplied by 2 to 4 for what the same product is available in the US :frowning: