Best way to do MyQ?

(Scott H.) #21

When you turn the switch to the “ON” position it will send the command to the service to “OPEN” the door. The binding only polls the status of the door every 60 seconds and this is why you see a delay. I plan to add a “quick poll” feature that will refresh the door status quicker after a command is sent but I have not implemented it yet. The Rollershutter item is a reference to the openHAB 1.x binding. I have not tried to add this feature and the other features you mentioned to the openHAB 2.x binding.


(John Riker) #22

Am I doing this wrong or maybe the wrong method? I wanted to be alerted when the garage door opens. Probably won’t keep the rule, but playing. Did the below:

rule “MyQ Door Notification”
Item GarageDoorOpener_Doorstate changed from OFF to ON
sendNotification(“email”, “Garage Door Opened!!”)

I ended up getting two notices. One may have been when it closed but not sure as they were a short period apart. Less than a minute. Thoughts on the rule?



(John Riker) #23

Couple things. So far this “version 2” binding has been working well for me.

  1. I have my garage door set to auto close after 5 minutes. There is a hold button on the wall switch. Any way to trigger that thru OpenHAB?

  2. Is there any way to use an Alexa skill with this binding? The examples I see of hooking into Alexa seem to always be tied to the rollershutter which this binding doesn’t currently have.



(Mark) #24

If you mean that you want it to close 5 minutes after being opened, you could do that with a timer. Trigger the rule when the door is opened, then in the body of the rule, set a timer for 5 minutes. When the timer expires, close the door.

Alternatively, you could do it with the expire binding.

I don’t actually have/use the Alexa skill, but I suppose you could treat the door like a light, so that you could say “Turn ON garage door” to open, or “Turn OFF garage door” to close. That’s what I do with HABbot to open/close my garage door. It’s awkward, but it works. :wink:

Alternatively, maybe could you define a proxy item of type Rollershutter, then trigger a rule on the Rollershutter item. The rule would then send the appropriate commands to the garage door item.

(John Riker) #25

Thanks for the reply and thoughts Mark. With the 5 minute thing, not exactly. When we installed the garage door opener, it came with a wall control. As part of the initial setup, we configured on the garage door controls to close the door automatically after 5 minutes. Does that on it’s own without OpenHAB input. But the wall control has a HOLD button that overrides the auto close and stops the it from happening. Kind of the, I’m going to be working in my yard for a while so don’t close the door, I haven’t forgotten about you thing. Curious if I can override that thru the OpenHAB binding and turn off the auto close there as well. Wasn’t sure if the API supported that function.



(Mark) #26

Ah, I see. I misunderstood. I’m not aware of a way to do that, although @scooter_seh would be the one to definitively say whether the API supports that feature.

(Scott H.) #27

I would have to look through the JSON respond to be sure but I’m 99.9% sure that is not possible. The MyQ API only response with the door status and when it was last updated. It is very basic.