Best way to do MyQ?

(John Riker) #1

I have a garage door opener with MyQ support. I use the app and the way it seems to work is thru the cloud connection that talks to the garage door to open/close it. Note this will be my first attempt to do anything with MyQ other than installing it on Ubuntu. Couple items:

  1. Is there a way to configure this so OpenHAB talks directly to my the garage door opener on my Wi-Fi? If I’m understanding things right, I trigger the door to open thru the web or mobile, it talks to OpenHAB, OpenHAB talks to the MyQ cloud service, and the MyQ cloud service talks to the garage door opener and it opens?

  2. I have seen a few ways to do this implementation in OpenHAB. One manually by MK-SmartHome but was in 2017. Couple bindings out there. Can someone point me to or walk me thru the best way to do this? As mentioned I literally have a blank system right now.



(Mark) #2

Unfortunately, no.

There’s a beta version of the openHAB 2 binding. Here’s a post that has the link to the jar file. The jar file goes in your addons directory. This binding is built for 2.3, but I’m running it successfully on 2.5 snapshot. At some point it would be nice if this could be included into the distro. Ping @scooter_seh :wink:

I saw lots of timeout errors from the MyQ cloud server. After changing the timeout to 25 in the MyQ bridge thing configuration, the number of timeouts went down considerably.

Also note that there has been some speculation that they are going to start charging for use of the API. I’ve not seen any evidence of that yet.

Chamberlain MyQ status of connection
(Scott H.) #3

I personally still use the 1.x binding. I have a hard time getting Eclipse to build the openhab2 source code on my computer, so I haven’t work on it since my last update. @mhilbush If you could PM me some the bugs and quirks you think need fixing, I currently have sometime, that I can start working on it again. I know I need to add some error checking to prevent account lockout.


(Mark) #4

Sure thing. I’ll PM you shortly.

(John Riker) #5

Thanks, is there a walk thru on how to setup this 2.3 snapshot? Again, this is my first attempt to do anything with this so have a blank system. I just happened to have a MyQ garage door opener so first thing I’m going to try since I don’t have to buy anything. Not just where to put the JAR file but the config files and everything?

Guess I should also ask, who’s binding is this and differences?



(Vincent Regaud) #6

In linux apt repo install you need to put the binding in:

(John Riker) #7

When I just put the JAR in that folder it shows as a BINDING in Configuration but can’t do anything with it there. When I do that and also add it to the addons.cfg file under binding = chamberlainmyq I can go to the inbox and manually add the lights and the door and the bridge but all my other bindings go away and the Control tab goes blank and only the garage door stuff remains once added.


(Mark) #8

Don’t do both. Just put it in addons.

IIRC, you need to manually add the bridge (MyQ Gateway) thing. Do that by clicking on the + icon in Paper UI and selecting Chamberlain MyQ. After that, I think it will automatically discover the garage door.

(John Riker) #9

OK looks better now. Added the JAR file, refreshed the bindings and it showed up.

Went to the Inbox and hit Plus. There was the ChamberlainMyQ Binding. In there is three options:

  1. Garage Door Opener
  2. Lamp Module
  3. MyQ Gateway

Am I then supposed to complete item 3 then go back to 1 and 2?

Edit: I did item 3 and filled in my login info. Then went back to the Inbox and did a search. Showed my house address with the words “Garage Door Opener”. Thinking that will be the door but not the lights? Do I need to add lights manually?

EDIT2: Added the lights manually but didn’t work. Apparently my LiftMaster doesn’t support that even though it has a light.



(Mark) #10

Yes, that should be the door.

I’m not sure about that because I don’t have a light.

(John Riker) #11

Works good. Thanks for the help. I couldn’t get the light to work. Logs keep showing connections to check compatibility. Then errors checking but not outright not supported messages.



(Scott H.) #12

Are you talking about controlling the light on the opener or do you have a separate MyQ light switch. The MyQ API doesn’t allow you to control the opener’s light. I have both MyQ light switch types and they work with the binding in my testing.


(John Riker) #13

I am referring to the light on the garage door opener itself. I just started over with this as I was using the simple mode and want to try and understand how to do all this manually. Even though I’m finding it difficult to find information on how to configure the things and items and services and sitemaps and how they all link together. That said, I am going to try and recreate the MyQ settings manually so will be trying to guess how to set this all up. Not sure if the light will work when I’m done. Or if I’ll get anything to work manually. :smile:


(Scott H.) #14

You cannot control the opener light through the openHAB binding. The MyQ service does not support that functionality.

(John Riker) #15

Thanks Scott. Maybe I’m missing it. Doesn’t your binding support the light? Saw it in other threads.



(John Riker) #16

Also so to use the 2.3 version, does it still use the myq.cfg file? The way I “think” you are supposed to set this up:

  1. Put jar file in addons folder.
  2. See the device in the bindings
  3. Go to the Inbox and hit plus. Add the MyQ Gateway putting in the cloud server details.
  4. Then the garage door will show up as a thing.

Is that how you are supposed to do this? Then code in the items and tie it to the sitemap? Again read all over to use the myq.cfg file to set things but seems that’s not relevant anymore?



(Mark) #17

IIRC, this is the way I did it.

The myq.cfg file is for the OH1 version of the binding.

(John Riker) #18

Thanks Mark. I’m trying to do this as “manual” as possible to learn, not let the GUI do things or use Simple Mode. I added the items and if it wasn’t -45 degrees out would test it. Don’t want to open the door but showing closed.

Did you use the lamp module piece? Is there a manual way to get that to work or should I assume that’s not supported since it doesn’t show on my vendor app? I’ve seen some people do something where they manually select an array of [1] instead of [0] which is normally I guess the second garage door but they have had success with that? Right now I’m not using any indexes just the channel that came in when the binding was added.

Also there are references to rollershutters and garage door descriptions and other things. If those do not show as part of the binding for a channel I assume they don’t exist or not in this particular plugin?



(Mark) #19

Yeah, I hear you. My daughter lives in Chicago. She told me it was crazy cold going into work this morning.

This only works if you have the standalone light module (which I don’t have). The lamp that’s integrated with the opener can’t be controlled.

Yes, that’s my understanding, as well. If it’s not included in the JSON returned from the MyQ service (you can see this with the binding in DEBUG mode), there’s nothing the binding can do about it.

(John Riker) #20

I’ve noticed the 2.3 binding seems to have refresh issues. Like I’ll click the switch to open the garage. It will go to the open mode then back to the closed setting sometimes. Other times it switches to the open switch and the garage door opens. WHen done, it still says opening in openhab. Then when I close the switch goes from open to close back to open and the status stays OPEN. But the door is closed. Thoughts?