Best way to stream ip camera through OH

I’m looking for an easy way to give access to my ip camera (may be with ip camera binding) to other people (for example a security company) so they have to access to my ip camera not to my other sitemaps. I’m using an openhab private cloud, and I have an internet back up with a sim (the primary internet has a public ip address the backup one is a sim without a public ip) is there any solution to have always with primary and backup a stream page of some ip cameras and what’s the best way to config?

You have to set up a completely separate OH instance just for the camera feed, at which point one might wonder what’s the point. Just expose the feed independently from OH.

You can only give access to all the Items/pages/sitemaps/panels your OH hosts, or access to everything. You can’t just give access to only one sitemap/Item/widget. It’s all or nothing.

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Thanks for the clarification, but how can I get the mjpeg stream from my private cloud? I can see in the openhab app on android what’s the url?<whichurl>.ipcamera.mjpeg ?


The fact you ask these sorts of questions have me concerned that you are running your own private instance of openHAB Cloud instance. Is that running on some VPC out in the cloud somewhere or is it self hosted at home. If at home, how did you make that available to the Internet. You’d do the same thing.

However, the fact you don’t know that makes me thing that your cloud instance is likely not very secure and your home network is open to attack.

Its in a VPC running openhab-cloud always updated, with user registration disabled

OK, well then if you really want to use OH, you’ll need a separate instance of OH with the IP camera add-on. Register that with your openHAB Cloud instance and add user accounts for the others who need to see it.

Otherwise, you’ll either have to use a service like (there are alternatives or you’ll need to open a port in your firewall (not recommended).

Thank you great suggestions. If I need a separate openhab is there any chance to have the mjpeg url working in private cloud? Thanks again

Not without open a port on your router or setting up a VPN. Your mjpeg URL is only valid on your LAN. Period. Nothing outside of your LAN can access the feed using that URL.