Best way to "update" Docker to 2.1.0


I’m running openHAB 2.0.0 in a Docker contanier on my Synology NAS as described in the Docker docu here: .

So “conf”, and “userdata” are presistant. How would I “update” this to 2.1.0. Can I simply create a new container with the 2.1.0 image? Do I have to change anything in “conf” or/and “userdata”? Will installed bindings, services, etc. be update?

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The Docker Container Devs are furiously working on proper update instructions. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, in the past I’ve upgraded by:

  • stop the container
  • delete contents of userdata/cache and userdata/tmp
  • pull the new image and start a new container from it
  • watch the logs
  • when the logs settle down restart the container

Note: these procedures assume that your system configurations and addons are all kept in conf/services (e.g. addons.cfg instead of installing addons through PaperUI).

I think it should also be possible to upgrade your addons in place through the Karaf console but I’ve never done the steps to prove that works.

However, I think some of the upgrade steps may have changed and now with the creation of upgrade scripts for manual installations (which is what the Docker image uses) there might be a better approach. This is why I’m waiting for the upgrade instructions the Docker image devs are working on.

Hello Rich,

thanks for the info. I think I’ll wait until the Devs come up with update instructions…