Best Zwave Integration

Im looking for a way to interface with Zwave devices. ive been looking at two devices listed below… Anyone have any experience and success with any of those devices in openhab2? or openhab1? Im currently looking to move away from smartthings and am planning to move to a larger home so i would like a zwave system that can handle 100+ devices with ease.

universal devices ISY994Zw
aeon labs z-stick gen5 ZW090

I’m using the Aeon gen5 z-stick with a 27 node network on openhab2. Runs very well. I expect to max out at 30-40 nodes, so I’m far away from your 100+ node network.

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Most people around here are successfully using either the Aeon stick or the RaZberry board. Both work with all zwave devices in both, OH1 and 2.

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Does the aeon stick work better with Windows vs Linux. Also do zwave plus devices work in openhab2?

The stick works with one or the other, but Linux on a Pi or other SBC is definitely a better choice than to run OH on Windows - way more people use OH that way.
Yes, zwave plus is compatible to zwave so it’ll work, but of course it still depends on each and every device, they need to be in the OH device database in order to work.
On scalability - all zwave controllers do can handle the maximum amount of nodes (232), and any RPi2 or 3 will provide way enough power to handle large houses with complicated rulesets (okok, there’s NO system that cannot be brought to its knees, but then it’s due to bad setup and programming, not because of lack of processing power).

Just ordered my aeon labs gen5 stick. Mostly im using GE zwave dimmer switches and lamp modules. Im looking into getting a few zwave door sensors and motion detectors as well as maybe some humidity sensors for the bathrooms so it will kick on the exhaust fan when the humidity in the shower gets too a certain level. Also have been looking at automated air vents for heating and ac. Anybody have any recomendations of what sensors they are using and what works well with the aeon labs gen5 stick.

You need to be careful about the HVAC vents. If you don’t have a variable speed air handling unit you might have issues

Hi Mark,
di you install a power meter? Could you suggest me a z wave device?

I saw that Qubino smart meter device could be great for me but on its manual its specified that it is not compatible with open hab.

Any suggestion?


I have a whole house power meter on my utility feed, and on my standby generator feed.

I use this one on the utility feed.
Aeon ZW095

And this one on the generator feed.
Aeon DSB09

Do they really say it’s not compatible with openHAB? That seems odd.