Best zwave module on Raspberry

Im running OH on Raspberry and a razpberry zmeeraz module from 4 years without any problema. Im building a new fresh/clean environment and wanted to know what is the best module on Raspberry actually, if Razpberry 7 pro is better and its working good, or another.

Thanks for suggestions

Hi Giorgio,

I don’t have experience with these “shield-like” modules, so cannot give you advice on them. When I started with Z-Wave I decided against these boards and opted for a USB dongle for a single reason: using a cable you can place the dongle in a detached way to optimize the wireless “field of view” without the need to place the whole RasPi somewhere where it doesn’t look nice. Just wanted to add that as an aspect in case you don’t have that on your radar yet.

If you search the forum, there were discussions in which someone got the Razberry 7 to work. However, this is an edge case as Z-Wave 700 Series controllers are not supported at this time for a number of reasons.

If it works and hasn’t given you any trouble, I wouldn’t replace it. If you’re setting up a second system, I’d recommend a 500 Series USB stick.