Beta Binding: Minecraft

Created a new binding connecting Minecraft server to openhab.
There is more work to do, But its upp and running.


Any plans for a 1.x binding? Still some blockers for me to move to OH2, but my son would love this as our house is all OH.

This is amazing! It would add to the drama to have, say, hue lights turn red when your HP gets too low or something. Very nice.

Very cool! I hope you plan a PR once you feel it is ready?

Instead of asking for a 1.x version, this should rather drive you to help removing those blockers (whatever these are)!

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I have some stability work left to do.
But I will make a Pull Request when its finished.

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I don’t have any plans on moving it over to 1.x.

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Can someone help i need minecraft things and items i used to have z a bookmark with full instruction but somehow cant find it anywhere.

Do you mean this?

Yes but i really need samples of the three files to troubleshoot.

Which files is that?


Those are files you need for a 1.x binding. This binding is for version 2.x, you configure all Things and Items through GUI. No files needed.

a ok it is working in paper ui i dont get it why it wount show in basic-ui.

Do you have a Minecraft server with the OH binding Spigot plugin installed on the same local network as the OH server? If so, it should automagically appear in your Basic UI inbox.

However, for me the automatic detection never worked, I had to add it manually (if you click the plus in the inbox and choose the Minecraft binding and it still doesn’t find anything, there’s a “ADD MANUALLY” link you can click) and just set the IP to the MC server manually.

Yes that is correct it does appear in paper-UI as a thing i added it and it shows correctly server is up and running i need to add it to Basic-ui as with .items and .sitemap elements.