Beta Tester for Item Checker Tool wanted

Hello all,

i am looking for testers for my Tool OhSIC. With OhSIC, items can be easily debugged. This requires only the IP of the Openhab server with installed REST API. It´s a windows based application.

Anyone interested ?

Greetings Kay

Edit: Just found out that OH 1.8 uses XML for REST API and not JSON. So the tool works at the moment only with OH Version 2.-> New Version 0_2 works with OH 2.x and OH 1.x

Here are the Download Links to the OhSIC Versions:

Version 0_1 First Version with Support for OH 2.x
Version 0_2 Next Version with Support for OH 2.x and OH 1.x
Version 0_3 Next Version with possibility to send a command to an item and set port of the Server.
Version 0_4 Next Version with possibility to add more than 1 Item and other small improvements
Version 0_4a Version with Aero Snap Feature (Win7, Win10) enabled


Hi Kay,

great idea to implement such a tool. I would be interested in testing it. What are the prerequisites regarding openHAB? I currently have the testing version installed.



Hello André,

you must have the REST API installed on Openhab. That´s the only prerequisites regarding Openhab.

Should i post a filesharing link here on this thread or should i send you a pm with the link ?


I would be interested in testing it.

I can defiantly help out sounds very helpful

Count me in :slight_smile:

I also want to help to test your very useful tool!
Same would be useful for validating rules :slight_smile:

Up to you - but since there are more users interested, posting the link in this thread would reach more testers :wink:



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Hello together,

here is the link to the OhSIC Download:

Make sure that you have Microsoft .Net Framework 4 installed. If you don´t have it, you can download it here:

If you downloaded Ohsic simply unzip. No installation required. Simply start OhSIC.exe. First you get a notification to set up a ip address for openhab server.

Then just click on Setting -> Server and set up your IP address. Only IP address, without port or something.

On the Main panel you can add items, delete items and save the list of items. The start and stop button turns the update timer on and off .The timer reads the items in an interval of 1 second. This could be removed in further Versions by an simple “always” ON Timer, so you don´t have to switch the buttons manually.

Please test the program and give me feedback if errors occur or if you have improvements.


PS. Please excuse my bad english. My native language German I can do better :slight_smile:

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Seems to work well enough on my system… What do you imagine this tool being used for?

Hi Tommy. The main reason for the tool is debugging items in relation to rules. The next step is to force state of items and create items directly through the tool without editing them in the config files.


Had someone else already tested the tool?


Oh, crap. I tried, but on my computer Panda says it doesn’t recognize the program and I’m not allowed to start it. Sorry :frowning:

I installed the “Rest APi documentation”. In my Openhab2 Installation is no “Rest api server”. Is it as usual, am I doning wrong? How to install the Rest API server?

@Windrad Can you please try to check it with your browser:


Replace OHSERVER with your Openhab IP.

@DanielMalmgren What is Panda ? :slight_smile: Do you use Windows as Operation System ?


You don’t - it’s part of the system and there’s nothing to install.

[quote=“Kay_Pohl, post:15, topic:25481”]
What is Panda ?[/quote]

It’s my antivirus. I’m on a corporate computer, so sadly I can’t control my antivirus…

This is pity … :pensive:

I entered the correct IP, but REST API Server not found. Must be something with my OH-Installation?

What is the Output of this:


Replace OHSERVER with your Openhab IP.

It schould be someting like this: