Better take on client UI [Freesoftware]


Has any one tried this Freesoftware Android App ?

They say it supports both OH1 and OH2.

Source code:

Android App:


  • Supports multiple servers.
  • Tasker support.
  • Custom controllers.
  • Push notifications.


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Yes, but I found no advantage to the native OH Android App.
The GUI looks a bit different but there is no additional functionality.

Seams not to work with myopenhab.


I had it working with my.openhab so i’m not sure why yours doesn’t work.

I used and with my credentials and always get the info that not sitemaps could be loaded


[quote=“Dibbler42, post:5, topic:4846, full:true”]
I used [/quote]

There was a post here around where it could make a difference, depending on which OS you are (Android or iOS)

Nope, does not work. Using the local ip with port worked.


[quote=“Dibbler42, post:7, topic:4846, full:true”]
Using the local ip with port worked.[/quote]

?? Yes, but then you are not connected to my.openhab, you are connected to your local openhab …

Yes, with my.openhab it didi not work :slight_smile:

Okay, to make sure we don’t confuse the future users of 3house I installed the app again:

It works fine, locally and also with my.openhab.

Server: leave blank or choose any name you want
Openhab Server: http://your_local_ip:8080
Account: your my.openhab username
Password: your my.openhab password

My 2 cents. The native OH Android App appears to have a couple of weird behaviors (at least when connected to my OpenHAB 1.7.1 server):

  1. Won’t display sitemap items unless they are in a group (which then has to be expanded with a screen press)
  2. Really ugly button alignment with portrait phones if the item is “wide” (e.g. 3 buttons), the display gets corrupted. doesn’t, it just works. I really like

@clach04 - Interesting. I don’t have either of those issues with the native Android App. What version of Android are you running? Do you have the latest version of the OpenHAB app? And, are you doing any “fancy tricks” with your sitemap?

Android 4.4.4 (CyanogenMod 11).

Maybe? I downloaded from Play Store a few days ago, version, updated May 27, 2015.

Other than repeating a group with a frame so it displays in HABDroid I don’t think so BUT I could be wrong :smile: Copy/paste below.


This shows the problem with X10 only showing up under the “X10 for Android”

sitemap house label="My House"

    ** ForAndroid is for the official Android OpenHAB client, HABDroid as of 2016-01-03
    ** This is *NOT* needed for
    Frame label="ForAndroid" {
        Text label="X10 For Android" icon="chart" {
            Frame label="Binary Widgets" {
            Switch item=entry_hall
            Switch item=lounge_uprights
            Switch item=moon
    Frame label="X10" {
        Frame label="Lights" {
            Switch item=entry_hall
            Switch item=lounge_uprights
            Switch item=moon

            Switch item=all_off



This has a problem with “Set target Heating temp”, the text gets masked by the -/+ buttons and digits.

Heating program mode at the bottom also looks ugly.

3House does a better job at making this easy to read/control.

** Sitemap for WiFi Radio Thermostat CT50 3M-50
**  See

sitemap house label="CT50 Thermostat"

    Frame label="Thermostat" {
        Text item=ThermDayTime
        Text item=ThermDay
        Text item=ThermTime
        Text item=ThermCurrentTemp
        Text item=ThermTargetHeatTemp
        Text item=ThermMode
        Text item=ThermOverride
        Text item=ThermState
        Text item=ThermFanMode
        Text item=ThermFanState

        Setpoint item=ThermTargetHeatTemp label="Set target Heating temperature [%d F]" icon="temperature" step=1

        Switch item=SetHeat70FTemp mappings=[ON="70"]
        Switch item=SetHeat55FTemp mappings=[ON="55"]

        Switch item=ThermFanMode label="Fan" icon="settings" mappings=[0="Auto(Off)", 2="On"]
        Switch item=ThermMode mappings=[0="Off", 1="Heat", 2="Cool", 3="Auto"]