Bias on item's value

Hi OpenHab’s community,

I am using OpenHAB2 to monitor and manage plenty of things in my place.
It does work pretty well, using 4 different protocols as of today :-).

I have a difficulty though with one of my z-wave devices (a multisensor gen5 from AeonLabs): this sensor monitors the temperature of a room, but the value it returns has a bias of approximately 2.5°C.
I contacted Aeon Lab’s support, who confirmed that it is not possible to apply a bias in the device’s configuration.

Is there any way to apply a bias to an item’s value in OpenHAB2 ?

A simple way would be using a "proxy"item which gets updated on each change of your original item using the item.state plus bias. That would be a simple rule .

Indeed, that is possible. But it will make the configuration more complexe (I already have a not so small amount of items and rules).

Do you think it would be interesting to be able to add to the definition of numeric items the possibility to apply a bias ?
If that can be useful, I might open a new topic in a dev section to offer to work on that.

Does the KNX binding allow for transforns ?

Hi guys,
V2.2 of openHAB is live now, and I think there is nothing new on this bias correction issue.
Is that right ?

Does any dev of the openHAB team know if there is a chance to have that in anytime ?
I am sadly involved in too many project currently to reasonable get involved into this one, but I believe it would be a pretty handy feature for a system that is meant to be the entry point for a vast variety of sensors (and probably not extremely complex).

Anyhow, thanks a lot to all people who worked on v2.2, it works like a charm !