Big fail examples in docs.openhab network binding

Suffered two weeks ! Not work examples:
openhab2 docs network binding

network:pingdevice:devicename [ hostname=“my ip” ] - not work !
work network:device:devicename [ hostname=“my ip” ] - work !
Plase, correct the documentation.
Instead of a “pingdevice”, there must be a “device”

Sorry for my English.
Thank you !

Are you on an old build? The change from device to pingdevice was recently added and the docs reflect the recent changes.
If you are on an old network binding you may have to use device

pacman -Q | grep openhab2
openhab2 2.1.0-1

Yepp, with that old build you have to use device, on newer builds you have to use pingdevice.
The change has been added to the docs on 22. of August:

Thank !
It seems to me that this should be indicated in the docks at docs.openhab, because for a very long time I could not understand what the problem was.

There is an issue for this open and it is in work. It is a lot more work and challenging than you might think.

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Yes this is indeed a known issue and one soon to be addressed. The documentation is constantly evolving and keeping track with the constant development. We are looking into a mechanism to provide versions of the documentation for the latest stable versions.

And of course something additional:

We welcome everyone who wants to help improving the docs. :slight_smile: