Binary Sensors not triggered on Rules

I have two binary sensors items with type contact and both work pretty on “Paper UI -> Control”, it changes correct to triggered or untriggered.
The problem is, that I don’t see any entry on /srv/openhab2-logs/events.log and it is not possible to write any rules with this device as trigger.

My system:

Release = Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)
Kernel = Linux 4.9.24-v7+
Platform = Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
openHAB 2.1.0~20170604033302-1 (Build #938)
Devices: ZW100 MultiSensor 6 and ZG8101 Garage Door Tilt Sensor
All things and items are set up on Paper UI

I recommend using *.items files.
It makes it easier to define your own item names and configure them.

Example ZWave.items file for the ZW100 :

Group	All
Group	gZWave		(All)
/* Aeotec MultiSensor 6 ZW100-C */
Number	MSens601_Movement	"MS01 Movement: [%s]"			<present>		(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node7:sensor_binary"}
Number	MSens601_Humidity	"MS01 Humidity: [%.0f %%]"		<humidity>		(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node7:sensor_relhumidity"}
Number	MSens601_UV			"MS01 Ultraviolet: [%d]"		<sun>			(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node7:sensor_ultraviolet"}
Number	MSens601_Temp		"MS01 Temperature: [%.2f °C]"	<temperature>	(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node7:sensor_temperature"}
Number	MSens601_Lux		"MS01 Lux: [%.2f Lux]"			<sun>			(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node7:sensor_luminance"}
Number	MSens601_Alarm		"MS01 Alarm: [%s]"				<present>		(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node7:alarm_motion"}
Number	MSens601_Tamper		"MS01 Tamper: [%s]"				<fire>			(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node7:alarm_tamper"}
Number	MSens601_Bat		"MS01 Battery: [%d %%]"			<energy>		(gZWave)	{channel="zwave:device:ZW090C:node7:battery-level"}

Note: You can play around with the types (from Number to Contact or to Switch for some items… up to you)

You can find the exact channel name from PaperUI, copy it and paste it in the channel definition of the item.

Remember to (a) break the item<-channel> links first, then delete the items from PaperUI before you define manually new items with channel links.

If you want to continue using PaperUI without any *.items files, you will need to find your Item Name to be used in your rules. Check your Thing channels and your linked items.

OK, its work. But only with type number. I think the problem is, when I use contact as type.

You have in your item-configuration alarm_motion and alarm_tamper, I have only alarm_general. How can I change this?

Well, these are all the channels that I see in PaperUI for this device (ZW100-C):

I just added 1 item for each channel.

You should be able to do the same. Check in your PaperUI the available channels for this Thing.

Note: I am running the latest Snapshot (build #938). Maybe? the Z-Wave database is more updated in my system and it shows more channels for the ZW100-C (Aeotec MultiSensor 6) device?

Edit: It depends on the version of the ZW100. Take a look here:

OK, I see. But I have already the firmware 1.7, but on my configuration it takes the config from 1.6. How can i change this configuration? I’m also on the last snapshot.

remove the thing (not sure if you should also exclude it from the ZWave network… I would)
re-include it and re-add it in OH2

I have removed the device and delete the nodeXX.xml on the userdata/zwave directory (not deleting on zwave). After reincluding, all is fine. Thanks for your help.

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