Bind an item to two different bindings

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I’m building a Master-Slave Configuration with my “full featuered” master (Running OH1 untill OH2 is finally released) on the one side and the slave (running OH2 Snapshot, because zwave works even better in beta then on OH1) which only supports zwave.

Now I’m searching for a way to transfer all the metrics from the slave to the master and all commands and relevant information from the master to the slave.
I’m using MQTT for transfering the information.

Is it possible with OH2 to bind an item on two different bindings or will I need to write a rule for all information I wanna transfer from Master to slave and vise versa?

Thanks allot

You can bind an Item to as many different bindings or channels that you want. However, and this is my personal opinion, I find debugging them when in this configuration is difficult. Infinite loops and unexpected behaviors are rampant. So I use Rules and Proxy Items when using multiple bindings fails to work on the first try.

You will want to read up on autoupdate=false as it will cause, for example, changes to the MQTT incoming from triggering the zwave binding, and just update its internal state. This is useful in situations where you are receiving confirmation of an Item’s state from another binding from the one that controls it.

To have more than one per Item, just separate them by commas:

{ zwave="zwave config", mqtt="mqtt config" }
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