Bind echo(alexa) devices

Does OH can bind devices that connected to echo?
If yes, how do I bind these devices in OH ?

Thanks in advance

Look at points 1, 2 & 4 especially.

I am sorry that I wasnt too clear.
I know this is not helpdesk, I just looking for answers for things that I couldnt find my self…
I wonder if it is possible to bind items that connected to echo as I couldnt do it my self,
I have the latest Amazon Echo Control Binding version - 2.5.1
But still nothing is discovered in the Inbox so I wonder if it is supported - according to this document: Preview and Beta: Amazon Echo Control
version 2.5.0 supports that.
if someone can share his knowladge I will be more than appriciate,

Pleas review points 8, 10 & 12 then. We do not have enough information to assist.

I am running openhabian on resp pi 4.

And what type of devices are you trying to discover?

Is this a new installation? If not, what version are you running?

I am trying to discover sonoff switch that binded to alexa.
I installed the openhab last week with the version 2.5.1-2

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Since that is not an official binding, try posting in the Echo Control thread you linked to earlier.

Are you using the sonoff with original firmware or is it flashed with something else?

Original firmware.
But the binding in the echo is working well.
From this document, it is possible to control the devices that connected to echo.

You can use this:

The document you shared is the reason of the post.
I dont know how to discover alexa devices.

You need to read the 1st post, it tells you exactly what to do.

how can I help you with this… do you know how to discover any device? do you understand what things and items are? If you can be more specific as to where in the process you get stuck then we can help.

I heve things and items already defined in my openhab (most of them zwave devices)…
I know how to discover devices…
But I think that I am missing something related to echo…
I have Echo dot with some devices working, and I have openhab running on resp pi 4.
My question is very simple:
Can I discover in OH items that connected to the echo? (such as sonoff, Yeelight…)
According to the doc attached it is possible but when running the binding - nothing discovered:

Not using the binding version included. Thats why i linked you to the preview/beta release.
You need to remove the current binding in paperui. download the jar in the link above, and put in your addons folder.

So you are saying that version 2.5.0 has this ability and 2.5.1 doesnt?

I put the jar file in the addons folder - how do I see it on the binding screen ? (it’s still show me the 2.5.1 version)

I am saying that the version i linked you too is a pre-release version of the binding. ignore what it is suffixed with as this is just what version it was compiled for.

remove existing version. restart openhab and clear the cache. drop the new jar in your addons folder.
i believe then you can just run discovery and it discovers echo devices (check the post above though).

I manage to install the amazon binding with the pre-release version.
I am trying to add smart home devices.
When trying to set in the amazon account “discover” I am getting error 409:

Actually, any action on the amazon account get this error (this thing was defined before replacing the amazon binding version)

The clear cache doesn’t solve that either.
Any suggestions on what could I do?

Have you removed your existing ‘account thing’?
Normally a conflict is when there is something by the same name

I can’t.
Getting the same error.