Binding/configuration for ReVolt radio energy meter NC-5262?

I just got two of these here on my table:
The price was very nice: € 13,90 per plug.

I read here, that it was possible to integrate these into FHEM via CUL - and I asked myself if someone else did it already for openHAB. They’re working in the range 433,05 - 434,75 Mhz

If nobody did this before, I’ll try my luck - but maybe I need support from people having experience with CUL.


Hello again,
I got them running on my CUL, I receive the data - and I know how to interpret the received values.
But what I’m missing now, is the the proper way to get the data from the CUL into openHAB.

Is there an existing way to get “any” data received from my CUL stick into openHAB without developing a transport binding? Means: Is there an “open” CUL transport protocol I don’t know an just have to use it?
I don’t speak JAVA, otherwise I’d develop some io-binding for that…


Has this topic someone already solved? I’m also looking to include the Revolt sockets via nanoCUL into OH2

Unfortunately unsolved for three years


What i was able to do so far:

  • Installed Jeelink Binding
  • Created a Jeelink USb Device for the nanocul with baudrate 38400
  • (note init string seems not to work properly)
  • used a terminal program to set the nanocul to Slow RF “fx”
  • set the nanocul into the right mode: "X21

Now I’m able to see the messages of the Revolt in the openhab2 log. But thats where i stuck now. So i created a feqture request for it: