Binding develoment for OH3 - Inner Dependency Fault

Hey guys,
I try to code a binding for OH3 but after I added the jar to the addons folder and run OH3 its log just give me a “Unresolved requirement: Import-Package:”. If I add this package to the pom of my binding it can be resolved but OH3 gives me the next package which is unresolved - it’s “”. I repeated the process (adding the “missing” to the pom of my binding and restart OH3) 3 times (for 3 single packages outside of org.openhab.x). I noticed that these packages (, io.netty, com.barchart) aren’t even used in my binding (probably in its dependencies). I’m using IntelliJ for the development and saw that all sub-dependencies are imported with scope “provided” in the *.iml files of IntelliJ. Does OH3 really provide outer packages like the named three? My guess is that this is the reason for the explained behavior but to change all occurrences and replace “provided” to “compile” sounds a bit messy. Or do you know what the workaround here is?

You need to add the feature for mqtt at runtime.

feature:install openhab-transport-mqtt

To do this automatically, add that to your feature.xml (see e.g. org.openhab.binding.mqtt). Automatic installation will not work if you drop the jar in the addons folder.