(Binding development) Can't find where a description string is coming from

I’m working on the Tankerkoening binding I created a language localisation file with an entry for the channel label like:

channel-type.tankerkoenig.diesel.label = Diesel-Preis

I see this one is used for the label, however on PaperUI this string is also used for the more descriptive string shown two lines below the label. And what is of more concern, this string (in german) is used also if the language is set to english. In the XML defining that thing only the label is defined.

The channels are created in the corresponding .xml like:

    <channel-type id="diesel">
        <state readOnly="true"></state>

I would have assumed to "Diesel-Price as the description when selecting English and “Diesel-Preis” when German is selected, however the german version is shown for both languages.

Where should I look?

I ran into a similar issue while adding translations that got resolved by removing and readding the Thing. Only then Paper UI showed the descriptions in the correct language.

If that does not work check the Language/Locale in:

  • Paper UI > Preferences
  • Paper UI > Configuration > System > Locale

Restarting the runtime might also help. Localisation might benefit from some bugfixing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.

Removed the items and restarted OH. I do see changes now, however instead of the string I did put in for description I only get the type of variable the channel is build from.
What I had is to seen in the picture, To my understanding the lower string “Diesel-Preis” (with the ") would be the description. After deleting the things and recreating them I see in this line just the string Number!

Yes in 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT you will see the type. I thought this was a bug until today. But actually it is by design. You should now long press the channel label to see the description. See ESH #3051. It would certainly help if there was some kind of visual clue in the UI to tell users about this.

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+1 from me!