Binding Development Setup

I’m a little new to this and hoping someone might have some insight that might help me.

I set up the development environment for developing OpenHAB bindings but I’m having a few issues. I followed the configuration instructions as they were outlined, I installed Git, Maven, Java, and the eclipse IDE, verified the Maven and Java paths are configured correctly, and set up the IDE to get the OpenHAB repositories.

I set it up to gather the OH1 and OH2 bindings and the full OH application. When I let the setup complete and finish the startup utilities it attempts to build and then I get only two problems:

The thing is I had this all set up and running for a week or so and the next time I opened the IDE I start getting build errors. Is there something I’m missing about my setup or is it synchronizing to the latest commits every time I open the IDE? I’m trying to learn Binding development and it seems like every time I open the IDE it synchronizes differently. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on a virtual machine or if it’s just supposed to sync up to the latest commits but how do I go about developing a binding if every time I open the IDE I don’t know if there will be build errors?

I’m just hoping someone can give me some insight as to where I’m going wrong here.


In my experience, there’s nothing you can do about this.

I’ve done the setup several times. In a couple of those instances I had a working system for a week or two before it blew up with the thousands of errors. In the others the system never reached a compilable state.

I’ve been meaning to try with Netbeans, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I’m having the same issue.

I install as per @Kai video on youtube as well as the documents here…
and once it completes installing I have the ability to start the openhab runtime and everything has zero errors.

I close the program, and 20 seconds later open it again and right away I now have 100 errors and I can not start the runtime. I goto RUN>RUN CONFIGUARTIONS> and the option to select ECLIPSE APPLICATION to launch the runtime is missing.

I reinstall Eclipse oxygen or Photon IDE and it all works again until I close and re-open the IDE.

Any ideas what causes this or what I am doing wrong?

System details are:
Windows 10 64bit
GIT 2.15.0 64bit
jdk1.8.0_152 32bit
Eclipse 4.7.1a 32bit

Hey Matthew,

This looks to me as if you have imported all ESH projects in your workspace as well. The latest master of ESH introduced some changes that might not be compatible with the openHAB code base.

You should really only import in your workspace what you actually plan to work on. If you want to develop a binding, selecting "openHAB Development” in step 4 of the IDE setup is all you need.

I would expect your issues to be solved, if you simply close all ESH projects in your workspace.

Thanks for that information! I will restrict my imports to just what I’m interested in. I was just using the other bindings as examples as to how to get started. Thanks for the reply.

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Thanks for the reply Kai, but in my case it was not caused by ESH projects. To fix I just had to run the eclipse.exe file that was inside the workspace created by the eclipse installer.
I don’t know how but I had a different eclipse on my startbar that I was launching, I found this out by purging my system of all java and eclipse files and installing from scratch again.

The irony that the first thing an installer does is to create a shortcut of itself on the desktop was not lost on me. I hope this and the fact the IDE does not scale correctly on my high res screen are the last of the things I hate about eclipse as it looks great now I have it running.